Thursday, June 9, 2011

I like Lance


I am going down to Nissan @ Cool Springs tomorrow to pick up registration packet for the Harpeth River Ride. Plan to leave H'ville at 2:30 and return promptly to avoid rush hour traffic. Anyone interested in riding with me ? Also, has anyone considered carpooling strategy for Saturday morning ?


BOB G. said...

Count me in if you have room.

Tom_E said...

Me too.

Doug_M said...

I saw two adds on craigslist offering to sell their spots. They were both greedy, one @ 5000 and the other @ 500. I didn't know this ride was so popular. Or is it because Lance is riding?

Tom_E said...

Doug, this thing is HUGE. Nothing in the area comes close and since Nissan is the big sponsor it is a better deal than the Jack 'n Back and a LOT cheaper. If you haven't done it, it is worth it.

Mark H said...

See you at Franklin for the 44!
I registered this afternoon.
I am psyched. Is there a Fogbee meeting place?