Monday, June 20, 2011

Inaugural Cycle for Life

 Join TEAM FOGBEES & Captain Phil
Join us for our Inaugural bike tour in Tennessee as we ride through some of the most scenic terrain in Historic Bethpage, TN.
There are two mileage options:
30 and 65 miles
Cycle at your own pace.
The CF Cycle For Life is fully supported with well stocked rest stops, bike mechanics, ride marshals, breakfast, lunch and much more.  Don't miss out! 
How To Get Your Wheels In Motion:
Join the CF Cycle For Life. Cycle with a team  of co-workers, friends or family members and make a difference.
Father's Day Special
Two days only.. June 19 & 20: $5.00
Date: 4-22-11 - 8-31-11: $15
Date: 9-1-11 - 10-21-11: $25
Event Day: 10-22-11: $35

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GARY said...

I'm there

monsieur cannonball said...

Gonna be a great event !

monsieur cannonball said...
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Tom_E said...

The $5 is only SUNDAY and MONDAY!

monsieur cannonball said...

Officially paid and registered. Bring on Drewery Ridge and Ford Branch descent !

monsieur cannonball said...

For everyone's information:
Upon registering for the Cycle for Life Ride ( which David M., Bruce D., and Tom E. have routed ) I started our Team FOGBEES for individual registration purposes. So please register as a FOGBEES team member when you sign up. Let's get the word out !

GARY said...


GARY said...

sorry .."registered"

Doug_D said...

I registered for $5.