Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Congrats to Eric

Everyone, please be sure to congratulate Eric Bateman. He rode in his first race tonight......a criterium as part of the Nashville Crit Series, and did well. Eric is young, motivated, strong, and has great form. He has a very bright future in racing and I look forward to seeing him develop.

The Fogbees is a wonderful cycling club that developes both avid social cyclists and racing candidates. I still believe the fastest 25 mile ride I have ever been on was with Gary, Miley, and Mike K. A few of the Fogbees that have gone on to race are:

Eric Bateman (team to be determined)
myself (Team BC, Merck Racing, and Team Louisville; soon Team SVMIC)
Mike Poole (Team BC; now with Team SVMIC)
Josh Lewis (Team BC)
Jon Cherry (Team BC)
Garland Stone (Team BC)

I have my sights now set on Jason Sexton! Gary has recently informed me that the Fogbees will begin charging a finders fee for all riders that move on to race.........


jon cherry said...

Eric, it was great seeing you out there and look forward to seeing you at more races in the future. Good job on your first crit race

Miley said...

Way to go, Eric! I want to hear about on our next ride.