Saturday, September 17, 2011

BRAT 2011 report

 Ridership was up with a total of 300 riders, some like me doing only part of a week but over 200 doing the full week. Despite the many PUC's and a vicious headwind one day, I heard no complaints about the route. SAG and rest stops were outstanding. TDEC rangers did a great job of patrolling the route without being intrusive. Cue sheets and road markings were spot on.   The only slight negative was that some of the small cafe's were not happy when we came in at the same time as their regular customers. However, that was unusual and even most of the stressed places were glad to see us and invited us back.

The most frequently asked question was "Where are the other Fogbees?"  Next year's BRAT will be in there area between Chattanooga and Knoxville. Another chance to test your legs while cycling in great scenery and meeting strangers who will become your lifelong friends.

A few Images. 


Miley said...

Hey, Bruce - I would love to see the pictures, but the link is not working for me.

coastdownhills said...

Sorry. Sharing Shutterfly is hit or miss for me. I've changed the link. Try it again.

Caledonia said...

Bruce, working fine now, thanks! DTI