Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm Proud to say "I'm a Fogbee" (A humbling experience)

Yesterday's CF ride reminded me how important our Cycle Club is and the impact we have in the community. I was proud to be part of a great event sponsored, in part, by the Fogbees. The Fogbees were instrumental in the creation of this event, including the route, the place the event was located and having input on all levels. Over 20% of the riders were Fogbees! Our Club had a HUGE (that means GIGANTIC)Volunteer turnout including Fogbees, spouses, friends and relatives helping with parking, setting up the morning ride, marking the route, Sag support, rest stops, a truck ride up to the party, etc. We helped to raise over $17,000 to help fight CF. The entire day was magnificent and the ride itself was breathtaking but hearing a young girl living with CF address the riders before the ride and show her appreciation for the event and then meeting the little girl with CF (a relative of Phil's) at the "Clown" rest stop put it all in perspective. I can only say that I can't wait for next years ride..... :)

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Kaiser Dawg said...

sweeeeeet !! $17,000 !!