Saturday, December 3, 2011

The New Blog

UPDATE 12/2/11: I have revised the background image as requested by Tom_B.  See comments for discussion.
UPDATE 12/3/11: Fixed pixalation of lettering around the logo as requested by Gary. See comments for discussion.
UPDATE 12/4/11: Blog converted.  Only a few webpages have been rebuilt.  This work takes an enormous amount of time, so please be patient.  I plan to do a few hours every day. 
- Membership re-enrollment sent via Google Group Announcement.
The new blog is ready. Nothing was lost.  I am now rebuilding the website.


Tom B. said...

Nice Layout Tom E.

coastdownhills said...

I like the layout very much.

Slick-jr said...

I like the new look.

Tom B. said...

Definitely need a different picture background. That stock photo is showing up on at least one other biking site.

Tom_E said...

Yes, that outstanding photo that I used for the background is a STOCK image provided by Google. Finding something comparable is not easy. Nevertheless, I have searched the hundreds of photos Fogbees have taken and found something that I believe is close and something for which we own the copyright. I have replaced the background and reworked the header. I appreciate your feedback and comments and I especially appreciate Bruce, who has created the GoogleGroup email list, sent out notice about the changes soon to come, and is writing "How To" manuals for using all the new Internet resources. He is certainly ready to take over for me.

Tom_E said...

Gary, I worked on your issue with the lettering around the logo. I was able to make significant improvement on its readability by doing the "sizing" with the vector image, before converting it to a transparent raster. Previously, when I tried to "resize the raster" it pixalated and introduced artifacts into the image and distorted the letters. Thanks for your input.

Tom B. said...

I love the real Fogbee background.

Miley said...

For a while I was getting a mobile version on my smartphone, which was fantastic...loaded quickly, looked great. But I'm getting it anymore - just the full version, as of around 12/10/11.