Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bruce Day , Tom Evans , and David Hardin represented the cycle community eloquently tonight in supporting the Sanders Ferry greenway / walk / bike trail project. A few individuals questioned the necessity of said project; however, the majority alderman sentiment appears favorable to initiating this recreational / transportation public project. One elderly female citizen painted a vivid portrait of pedestrians taking their lives in their hands traversing the guard railed passages over the lake incursions along Sanders Ferry in front of her high rise condo home. She pointed out how other seniors will utilize the walkway regularly.

The vote has been called for the ordinance by Mayor Foster and the aldermen have elected to pursue the Sanders Ferry project unanimously ! Chalk one up for the good guys.


coastdownhills said...

A very good night at the office. Last year, even with this result, I would have been pessimistic about ever seeing anything of use. The almost magical appearance of the bridges and other connectors in the Drakes Creek/Veteran's park/Public library paths gives me hope. Thanks to all who appeared for support. You made it the very good night.

Tom_E said...

Showing up at the BOMA meeting matters. Showing support and involvement in your community matters. We appreciate those who came and showed their support. I doubt if this Greenway will go up as fast as the other, but at least you can say that you helped get it started. Thanks again.

Just Larry said...

Thanks for your efforts, guys.

Slick-jr said...

Bruce and Tom, you guys did a great job expressing our interest and bringing up good data about the need for the greenway. Thanks.

Caledonia said...

Way to go, Fogbees! Regret I wasn't able to attend. DTI

Tom_E said...

I want to share a Note that Fred Roger sent to Bruce, David, and I this morning------------------

Thanks for the excellent presentations last night as well as the other behind the scenes work. We could have received some no votes. Instead it was unanimous and very positive and educational. I will keep you informed.

Fred D. Rogers, Director
Hendersonville Planning Department