Sunday, January 1, 2012


. . Most of the "heavy lifting" on the conversion of FOGBEE Blog and various websites has been completed.  We are also about to update the Membership List based on those who responded to the Google Group Invite.  About 14 invitations have not been approved by members, some people we know.  However, Google does not permit us to register.  They must do it themselves.
. . Our goal is provide the best website of any club in America and we are on our way to make that a reality.  ALL of it is available to us for FREE thanks to Google.  Please take time to review what we have and offer suggestions.
. . Miley asked for an optional format for phones.  This morning we added that feature.
. . Bob wanted members to be able to have their own page.  We can do that also.  The website is wide open for EVERYONE to contribute directly via Web 2.0. But we need people to volunteer to be trained as administrators for the various sections of the website (see the How To page).
. . We have been archiving all our Photoshows on YouTube.  Its a terribly time-consuming process and Bruce took charge of the work.  For more info on that see our website navigation in the right sidebar. Look under Resources, Photo.


Miley said...

Many thanks to Tom, Bruce and everyone else who help make this such a great resource and asset for us. The mobile version is fantastic on a smartphone.

coastdownhills said...

Converting the photoshows to Youtube format was a pleasant trip down memory lane.