Monday, February 6, 2012

FOGBEE Spirit.

. . In September 1989, about a month after Roscoe Phillips and Ann Kimball said "I do" at a church in Germantown, they went on a honeymoon most newlyweds wouldn't consider, much less accomplish.
They biked from Johnson City to Tims Ford State Park in Winchester, Tenn., in the annual Bicycle Ride Across Tennessee organized by the Tennessee State Parks Department. It took them seven days to cover more than 460 miles -- the route was indirect -- and they had to cope with rain from Hurricane Hugo practically all the way.
. . Roscoe and Ann Phillips have ridden their bicycles together across the United States and throughout Europe and Asia. Roscoe, 75, started cycling to avoid heart disease that runs in his family. Ann, 76, was a tennis player and casual bike rider before the two met.
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