Friday, May 11, 2012

Seven Annual Ride of Silence

. . On Wednesday, May 16 (roll out at 7:00 PM sharp. Arrive at 6:45 PM) Join other Middle Tennessee cyclists in this silent slow-paced 7-mile ride (max. 12 mph) in honor of those who have been injured or killed while bicycling on public roadways.
. . 2012 marks the seventh year Nashville has held this annual ride. It has grown in size with over 100 riders participating in each of the last few years. Every bicyclist in Nashville is encouraged to attend. Please invite all your bicycling friends to join us in this moving experience, and remember - "In order to receive respect, we must give respect."

Everyone is invited to ride, but they must wear a helmet. Bring a front and rear light for safety since it will become slightly dark near the end of the ride. Ride starts at Centennial Park main entrance off West End Ave in Nashville and the route is

1 - Begin at main entrance to Centennial Park
2 - Go RIGHT onto West End Ave
3 - Go LEFT onto 31st Ave South
4 - Go RIGHT onto Natchez Trace
5 - Go LEFT onto Blair Ave
6 - Go LEFT onto 21st Ave South
7 - Go RIGHT onto Broadway
8 - Go into Riverfront roundabout
9 - Go STRAIGHT (west) onto Broadway
10 - Go RIGHT onto West End Ave
11 - Go RIGHT into Centennial Park entrance
12 - 7.4 mile Ride of Silence is complete


Miley said...
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Miley said...

I'll be there. And if anyone can get there around 5, I'm going for a ride on the Percy Warner Park roller coaster. Weeee!