Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sunday Mid America 2012 Kickoff

Aussie Bob Schofield is even now flying over New Mexico on his way to lead another epic mini tour.  This year he and his tour group are cycling from Westmoreland, TN to Washington DC.  Three Fogbees, Tom Evans, David Shumaker, and myself will be joining them for the first week.  We will be leaving from the Fred's parking lot in Westmoreland 9 am this Sunday.  We are assembling at my house on Fairways drive at 8 am and transporting riders to the start.  All Fogbees are invited to join the ride. I suggest riding  from Westmoreland to Scottsville and returning by the proposed route below which includes a couple of steep climbs, or just retracing your path out.  We could actually use one more driver to take either my Honda or Ole Rusty to Westmoreland and back. It's a nice cool down from the CRAM.

30 mile route


monsieur cannonball said...

Being an avid Rusty fan, I can't pass on the opportunity to cruise once more in such a venerable vehicle. I'll do the thirty to Scottsville and back and guide Ol' Rusty back to his corral.

coastdownhills said...

Welcome for a taste of mulit-day touring. Both I and the Westmoreland Police department thank you. Surely there is another Fogbee to keep you company on the way back.