Friday, June 15, 2012

Jack and Back 2012

Just wondering who is doing the Jack and Back this year.  Tara and I were thinking of signing up, as it seems to be the quintessential ride of the area!  Is there a Fogbee team registered, or are people signing up as individuals?  Tara and I were also going to do some spinning in front of Kroger in a couple upcoming weekends to fundraise.  Would anyone have a trainer Tara could borrow for an afternoon here and there?  It would be greatly appreciated!  Looking forward to it.



Miley said...

You betcha the Fogbees have a team. Go to, click on the Jack'n'back link, then go to the team list and you'll see us listed along with a link to join. Withthe spring ride season wrapping up tomorrow, I intend to start promoting our participation in coming weeks. Thanks for asking about it and let me know if you have any questions.
p.s.-If Gary is done with my trainer, Tara can use it.

Mike said...

I am riding and if Gary is not done with Miley's trainer , she can use mine.

Mike Knake

Early Rider said...

I plan to ride as well. Have not signed up yet - waiting on the free day registration if they will still have it.

Lindsay said...

Keep me posted on the free registration day! I will try holding out too.