Friday, February 8, 2013

Bicyclist Killed

Murfreesboro has had another bicyclist killed a couple of nights ago.  He was on the road at 9PM. We are now trying to determine the causes of the accident.  Our good friend Sarah Lovett is Chairperson of the Rutherford County Bicycle Safety Committee established under the authority of the County.  She and the police have included us in their investigation.  At this time no charges have been filled against the 22-year old motorist. We'll report as soon as something more definitive become available.  Our issue is -- are there any lessons for FOGBEE night-riders.


GARY said...

We rode Weds. night with appropriate clothing, front & rear lights and single file. All was good.

Andrew said...

The cyclist, Tim Martin, was a 20 year old MTSU student. He was walking his bike across North Rutherford Blvd. I ride at night all the time. On my helmet I have a powerful front light and two rear flashers. I think drivers see me better (are more annoyed by me?) at night than they do in the daytime.