Sunday, March 3, 2013


We would like to get a group of at least 4 to do the Bike Ride across Iowa.  Mike Knake and I are planning on it.    Ride starts July 21 to July 27 and we would return home on July 28.  We would share the ride to the beginning or end point of the ride.  It is not yet clear what the transport arrangements would be as it is a one way ride.  What we do know is if we want to go as a group only one person can apply.  Duplicate applications will void the individual and the group.  It is a lottery for spots with about 85% acceptance so the chances of getting in are good.  What we need from you sealing your commitment is the $150 ride fee that has to be submitted with the application. (Refundable if we do not get in)  The urgency is that the Pork Bellies Company that provides the transportation and handles your gear and sleeping arrangements for the ride is 70% sold out as of the end of February.  The plan is to get your commitment, get our reservation with Pork Bellies, which may involve an additional deposit, and then get the application in well before the April 1 deadline.  If you are interested in fulfilling this Bucket List ride, please plan on having your payment of $150 to me by Saturday March 9.  Post here, email, or call at 615-431-9821.

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