Saturday, March 16, 2013

Word of thanks..

I wanted to thank all the Fogbees (and a few non-Fogbees) who regularly turned out for the 5th straight season of Spinning at the YMCA. I was great fun, hard work and definately helped us get started for this years biking season.
Also, today was an awesome ride in Nashville with the Fogbees and the Music City Bike Club. A ton of riders on an Urban/Suburban ride. Met a new group of riders that share a common interest in biking.What a great day.

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Caledonia said...

It was indeed an awesome day for the 40 mile USBR 23 route I rode despite the leg cramps commencing at about mile 30 up the steep part of Lickton Pike, and coming back at just about every little rise all the way to the Gerst House making for a very slow last 10 miles. Many thanks to Tom Benim for returning to check on me and riding with me; as I told Tom I'm on familiar territory but I appreciate his company should something serious develop. Bruce's several cell phone calls to check on me and my whereabouts are also much appreciated. A big Fogbee thankyou! David "Caboose" Irvine