Saturday, April 6, 2013

Crash report

Thanks to all those who helped me limp in after my stupid crash today. I was daydreaming and did not pay attention to the speed the gentle appearing hill was creating.  Then I panicked and applied my brakes. Reports are it was spectacular. Where's the helmet cam when you need it?
After a shower and full body inspection, nothing looks to be of any concern.  I should be back in the saddle early next week.


J R (Jerial) said...

Hows your bike?..(-: just kidding; glad your OK!

monsieur cannonball said...

Having recovered from a severe crash / fall from my bike, it is always tough hearing of or seeing a fellow biker and friend go down. Thank goodness you are no worse for the wear. Get well quick.

coastdownhills said...

I'm a terrible bike handler but apparently I fall very well.

The bike appears to be ok. Of course, it has not gotten a detailed check over as that would require some painful bodily contortions.There were four pinch flats on my front tube and the wheel is slightly out of true. Some things like seat and STI shifters were akilter but easily moved back into place. It's a steel frame so if any of it is bent, it can be bent back. No worries about concealed cracks as one has with aluminum and carbon.

JoHo said...

Bruce, good to know you are OK and that you and the bike will be good to go soon.