Sunday, July 7, 2013

General Purpose GPS for Android

After searching many GPS app's suitable for use on an Android phone, I have found one that has voice commands and can replace a car GPS and accepts GPX tracks and can replace a hand-held bike unit.  Its called OsmAnd and can be downloaded from Google store.

I have used OsmAnd with my Samsung Galaxy S4 as a substitute for my car Garmin. The maps are better and easier to read.  It has its own maps and does not rely on Google Maps as almost every other phone GPS does.  This means longer battery life. The voice commands are nicer.  The lady in my phone is polite and not as rude as Jill.  The 5-inch screen, larger than the iPhone, makes it quite suitable for this use. 

I have also used it to replace my hand-held bike GPS.  I have created instructions for use with RideWithGPSClick here.

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Tom B. said...

Thanks for sharing this Blog Admin, whichever one you are. Tom Evans presumably?

Maybe with this app and 2 spare batteries, I can get through a ride. :-) Don't laugh I really do have spares.