Sunday, July 14, 2013

Impromptu 3 day tour from Oakdale to Hendersonville.

David Shumaker and I seized the opportunity of a car transport to Oakdale, TN and had a three day tour riding back to Hendersonville. We did some US Bicycle Route scouting and a Warm Showers visit.  It was an adventure.  We have photos on the Fogbee Shutterfly site accessible  by the link on the right panel. As always, we did not take enough pictures  to adequately document the trip and words do not suffice.
Small group short trips like this are great for meeting people  and seeing things you'd never encounter otherwise. Not all surprises are pleasant but even those make for the best stories.   Maybe it's the exercise but we seem to always happen upon the most fantastic places to eat.
And it's a turtle ride to boot.


Caledonia said...

Bruce/DaveS, love the people & critters & scenery photos, love the route shown, and Bruce, I love that Hi-Viz safety vest you are wearing; where did you buy that? DTI

Tom_E said...

Okay, regarding your Shutterfly pictures, I recognize the lunch stop in Cookville, but I don't recognize where you found those four-legged mini-bikes and the young family with the mobile four-spigot milk dispenser. I assume you plan to add captions to your pics.

J R said...

Great Pics thanks for sharing! Looks like you had a great time. That is the smallest pony I ever saw...

coastdownhills said...

I bought the vest last winter in either Big Lots or Dollar General for $1. Both are in the old Kmart center very convenient to me. I'd paid $15 for a cycle specific one that was so flimsy and tangled so easily I could never get it on.
I lay awake at night just thinking of crazy things to do.
Yes, it was strange to look down at someone riding a horse.
Thanks to all for the comments.