Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sunday 11am (Gallatin Square) Shady Cove Marina Breakfast Buffet

For those who can't make Saturday's ride and aren't going to the Titans game...

Let's meander out to Shady Cove Marina for brunch around noon roughly.  It's a little over 8miles to ride out that way, the buffet goes until 1pm.  With luck, we can catch the beginning of the game on TV there as well while eating. 

We'll continue on afterwards for a total of 30miles, finishing by 230p roughly.  Just in time to catch the last part of the Titans/Jags game at either the Whoopperwill or Pizza Time Machine, both on the square in Gallatin.

This will be a casual, no drop, weekday rider style ride.  Plenty of time for pictures, etc.  Think of it as a good recovery ride.  Hope to see a handful of you out there!  ~ Kaiser

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Andrew said...

Ellen and I had a great time!