Saturday, November 9, 2013

Worth Reading

Please read ll the way to the last paragraph.


Tom_E said...

The 3-foot law was passed in TN nearly 7 years ago, but at most less than a handful of citations have been issued. The Due Care law was passed two years ago and not a single citation has been issued even in the most blatantly obvious cases. The best posture for a bicyclist for his/her own safety is not to expect protection under the law but to take extreme extra-ordinary care, obey the laws, and anticipate the worst.

Caledonia said...

Good article. Last Tuesday night after Gary's spin class about 8:00pm while driving home thru H'ville some darkly dressed ninja biker with no lights came blitzing down the parallel sidewalk blasting thru stop signs and red stop lights for several blocks, oblivious to his image and the annoyed car drivers, before turning down a side street. I tooted my horn at him but was ignored of course. I see the same biker behavior too often in Nashville too.

Andrew said...

I ride my bike to work. I'm constantly trying to eliminate situations which pose risk to me. In the city where cars are turning, I'll almost never use the bike lane. Rather I'll take one of the lanes where I know I'll be seen.

Visibility is the key. I also where to flashers and a bright headlight on my helmet.

It angers me to now end that drivers are constantly not cited for hitting or killing cyclists. I think if the cyclist is obeying the law and gets hit, the driver should be investigated for wrongful death.