Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fogbees Beginner Rides Start March 15th

We are getting close to the time change which means we will start having some warmer weather along with more time to ride. This past Saturday at the Bikers Choice, I had 6 local people buy new bikes and all of them had an interest in getting involved with a local bike ride once a week so with that in mind, I would like to communicate with the club and get some help in putting on the beginner rides this year.

Firstly, if it is possible, I would really appreciate the Saturday morning ride leaders to contact me before Thursday and tell me where the ride will start(I don't need a route, just a start location and time). I need to get coordination between the regular group and the beginners so they can all start at the same location(so the beginners can meet everyone and feel like they are truly a part of the club). I need to get the notice out before Thursday afternoon so that the beginners can plan ahead. Hopefully by doing this, the beginners will be able to join in for post ride food and meetings.

With the buzz being generated about this upcoming ride year, I suspect we will have record numbers of brand new bike riders in Sumner County and if there were members of the club who would be willing to give a hand leading these rides, it would be greatly appreciated. Last year at the end of the ride season, we were having as many as 20 beginners coming out and it is very difficult to keep a group that large safely together on the road. I wouldn't need people to give up their Saturday ride every week, but if 10 Fogbees volunteered to help, that would be one ride every 10 weeks that you could help these new riders out. Myself or another person from the shop would be available at every one of these rides.

I am really looking forward to 2014 and being back home in Sumner and Robertson County for a full ride season. Let's see if we can expand the club and get a bunch of new riders excited about being Fogbees in 2014!


coastdownhills said...

This is a great thing. I will help every Saturday that does not conflict with family obligations or one of the previously established rides, such as Big Hill Challenge, Pedal for Paws etc.

Tango Bravo said...

Like Bruce, I will be happy to help when available.

Occassionally may be able to lead a second ride for beginners as well on other days. Would post separately.

Thanks for all you do t promote our sport/recreation.

BOB G. said...

I will also try and help with these rides when available.

Christy said...

Eddie and I should be available to help with these as well. We will be toting our youngin' this season (well, Eddie will on the tandem) so the beginner rids will likely be our new home. BTW - For those that haven't heard, we're moving to Hendersonville in a few weeks, just in time for the beginner ride season.

coastdownhills said...

Springfield's loss, Hendersonville's gain.

Christy said...

Thanks Bruce. Looking forward to seeing my Fogbee friends more often.

Christy said...
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