Sunday, June 1, 2014

Great Event

The Chateau Ross Ride was truly a great event in past FOGBEE style.  If you missed it, consider this quote from Doug Depew,
"This has got to be one of the best FOGBEE one-day outings ever.  When can we do it again?"
It was a great route, even with a Tasty Freeze stop in Franklin. Every body started together, and almost everyone finished together, even though the trails may have varied.  The wine was very unusual for Tennessee -- it was good.  Dollies were stacked with cases of bottles purchased by those who agreed with this critique.  Lunch was good and enjoyed in the home of our hosts.  It is hard to imagine how this event could be better.  We even got back and had our winery tour  before the sky opened.

Thanks Mike.  Just can't wait to see how you top this event. You're on a roll.


Mike said...

Mike Short and Todd Jarrell deserve most of the credit. It was Todd's idea to do a wine rides and Mike picked the winery. Mike made the arrangements.

Mark H said...

Great ride and great afternoon at Chateau Ross! This one definitely needs to go on the list for a repeat.

Gary said...

I couldn't go and missed this ride...looks like a great time! (BUT I have one question..who was the guy dressed like a Corn Cob? )

coastdownhills said...

Thanks to the two Mikes and Todd for putting this on. The Fogbees are blessed to have such great member leadership.