Monday, July 21, 2014

Courtesy, Image, and Bike Lanes

Hope our local biker/motorist relationship doesn't deteriorate to the levels of animosity described, but it is one more reminder of the importance of our image to the general public.  DTI
"Bitter Battle Between Motorists And Bikers," Chicago July 14, 2014:
. . The debate is escalating as rhetoric and fervor match the passion shown on controversial issues such as gun rights and the Middle East peace process. The rage may have hit a peak last week after a prominent Washington Post columnist suggested some motorists might think it worth paying a fine to hit bicyclists.
. . NPR host Scott Simon wrote on Twitter, "Any walk through downtown demonstrates cyclists think they are above the law. Does that explain Lance Armstrong?"
. . The issue has become an emotional one for Americans as drivers are increasingly told they'll have to share the road with bike riders.
The problem with motorist rage is -- the bicyclist who is the brunt of the rage frequently is not the bicyclist that PO'd the motorist.  To most motorists "a bicyclist is a bicyclist."

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