Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Thank You

Thank you all for the on scene first aid and well wishes after my "spill" on Saturday. All will be okay in time. I will be on crutches for a couple weeks with a hip injury and a bunch of other cursory injuries.  Time line unknown at this time. Aside from myself and Curtis, Im just glad nobody else was injured.

Secondly, with some humility, I wanted to apologize for being somewhat hypocritical after the crash by not going to the ER in an ambulance. After we put on the Cycling First Aid class earlier this year, we made it clear that the injured person should not wave off an ambulance if "first responders" feel that you "need it." I did feel well enough to get a ride, but as my hip injury left me painfully immobilized, I should have been told to get an ambulance. Lesson learned, I am sorry.

Most importantly, I am a very upset that the unknown cyclist that was riding with us, swerved into me without looking, never stopped, and kept going after all other riders in our group stopped after yelling out, "Biker down!" There is no doubt that with the speed and violence of the collision, the other rider "knew" that I went down.  I am not upset so much that he collided with me, as accidents happen. I am more upset that the FOGBEES code of not leaving anyone behind, especially after an accident, was violated. It was very selfish, dangerously untrustworthy, and not typical of the character that represents a FOGBEE.  I ask that if any of you know this person, you attempt some damage control and hold him to a standard you would personally expect from a fellow rider. I sure will when we meet again.

As our group expands in size and in status, I also ask all FOGBEES that if we see or gain a new rider, that we should never hesitate to lay down some of our awesome ground rules and safety pointers to the new rider. The trust I have when we all depart on a ride is one of the main reasons I enjoy riding with you all so much, as I am confident that no matter what happens on the road, that I will be taken care of.  I hope that feeling for us all is never compromised again.

Thank you all and be safe out there.


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Curtis _M said...

It was a learning experience. I am glad the injuries weren't worse, and they easily could have been catastrophic. This will make for an interesting discussion at Bob G's pool party.