Friday, October 17, 2014

Red Boiling Springs Day 2 Route

I found that on my Garmin it only accept the first 16 character of the routes.  Since both are named the same except at the end, the last route loaded is the only one that loads. (ie Red_Boiling_Spri )  I have renamed the Day 2 route Day 2.  If your are riding the RBS ride, using a Garmin and want both routes, you should go back and download day 1 from Bruce's post, and download this Day 2 route from this post, so you have both routes.

Day 2 Red Boiling Springs.

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coastdownhills said...

Good point Doug. I must manipulate Ride With GPS files in Basecamp or Mapsource for them to fit on my gps and always make renaming part of the process. Newer models will accept direct Ride with gps downloads. With other Fogbees using a gps I'll be more careful of my naming in the future.