Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Red Boiling Springs Ride this weekend

Looks like the weather will cooperate this year and the leaves are turning just in time for some color.  Below is the list of names Dennis Emery has for this weekend. Please review and let me know if anyone has been omitted. 

2014 Itinerary

Day 1 Cue

Day 2 Cue

Room #1 ..... Harry P  2 People
Room #2 ..... Danny D  - 1 or 2 People
Room #9 ..... Bob G  - 2 People
Room #10 ... Tammy G  - 2 People
Room #19 .... Mike K  - 2 People
Room #21 .... Phillip V  - 2 People
Room #22 .... J Woody - 2 People
Room #23 .... Doug D - 2 People
Room #24 .... Kristi D  - 2 People
Room #25 .... David S r - 2 People
Room #26 .... Gary W  - 2 People
Room #27 .... Bruce    D  - 1 person
Dinner Only .. Ed T - 2 People for dinner


Unknown said...

I couldn't get the links to work....

John_K said...

I'm going and staying at the Donoho Hotel with Dinner at Armour.

Unknown said...

I have talked with Dennis, he has us all down for dinner. No need to call him for food purposes :) I also worked out a way for John K to be at the Armour with us Fogbees. There is an extra twin bed in his room if anyone still needs a bed.

Todd jarrell said...

I may take the extra twin bed. Will post later.

Doug_D said...

Marsha will drive the truck to SAMs, and if you need luggage transported to RBS, it is not a problem. It will arrive before we do. If you need it transported both ways, please make arrangements with Marsha or me on how we will get it to you after Sunday's ride. I am planning either a short ride or no ride on Sunday so I can be home for kickoff of the Titans game! My google phone number calls only is 615-431-9821.

coastdownhills said...

Doug and especially Marsha,
Thanks for providing gear transport and posting it here. At last nights meeting at Bikers Choice at least one person expressed interest in riding to RBS and catching a ride back that night. If anyone is able to provide transport for at person and bike please post.
Wilma will not be going this time so my usual backup will be missing.

BOB G. said...

Misty and I are planning to spend the night at RBS, but I won't be ridiing this year due Kidney Stones. Oh yes this has been a fun week.

coastdownhills said...

Bob G. Ouch!!

Unknown said...

Hey guys.. I'm going to be CANCELING my room... please let me know if anyone needs it before I cancel!

Miley said...

I"ll take it Kristi.

MS said...

Tracie and I are taking Woody's room. Plan on riding back Sunday to White House with Danny.

Jimmy R. said...
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Kaiser Dawg said...

I'm going to try to meet the group out in Hartsville at the lunch stop, ride up to RBS with the group & then return to Hartsville after a rest. I doubt anyone else has this plan, but just thought I would throw it out there just in case anyone else has a similar plan & wants a ride buddy for Saturday late afternoon.