Wednesday, January 14, 2015


On Monday 1/12/15, we sent out Notices to Terminate to 29 email addresses that appear to be "dead" as determined by MailChimp tracking.  Since then, we have received 11 requests not to terminate.  That leaves 18 email addresses to be removed.

Please DOUBLE CHECK your email 
to be sure you haven't received a notice from us.  

Some notices went to people who we know are active, but likely we have old email addresses that they don't use.   
On Saturday 1/17/15 we will delete those addresses 
and remove their access to our blog.  

On Sunday 1/18/15, we will issue the January FOGBEE Newsletter to the remaining addresses.

1 comment:

Kellie Taylor said...

So I can post comments on here but I never receive emails. I just missed the super bowl party.