Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bike for Sale

Got this note in our email.  Looks like a pretty good deal, so I thought I would post
I’m selling my bike (photos attached) and thought some members of your group might be interested.  I live in White House, and bought it new from Bikers Choice.

It’s an ’06 Specialized Roubaix Comp Triple.  It has a carbon frame/fork/crank and seat post.  Ultegra derailleurs, 105 brakes, 24 hole aero rims, and is a 56 cm frame (I’m 6’0”).

It was $2,200 new.  I’m asking $695.

Thanks for your time.

Mel Davenport

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Unknown said...

Saw this on Craigslist last night. Not bad deal. Would be deal at $600. Bicycle Bluebook says excellent condition is at $684. Wish I was in the market.