Tuesday, June 2, 2015

TDOT’s Multimodal Access Policy

     TDOT is currently in the process of developing a Multimodal Access Policy to ensure that the needs of  all roadway users (including but not limited to motorists, transit-riders, freight-carriers, bicyclists and pedestrians) are considered during  project planning and design.  Following adoption of the Multimodal Access Policy, TDOT will develop a Multimodal Access Implementation Plan, Design Guidelines, and training for internal and external partners.
    Below is a link to a draft copy of TDOT’s Multimodal Access Policy.  This policy, when in effect, will replace TDOT’s 2010 Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodation Policy.  Please review the attached draft policy and provide any comments to me by COB June 22, 2015.

Jessica L. Wilson, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator
Division of Multimodal Transportation Resources - TDOT
Jessica.L.Wilson@tn.gov, (615) 741-5025


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