Thursday, September 17, 2015

Probably final Red Boiling Springs 2015 Update

A few last minute notes. 9/16/2015
1. Note first day route change. We will take Greenlea/Harris to Long Hollow  where we will meet Mike K and crew riding directly from White House. Rendezvous time about 9 am at the market on corner of Long Hollow and Buckingham.
2. Doug Martin's wife has kindly volunteered to transport luggage to Armours. She will be at the Sears Outlet parking lot at 8 am Saturday morning. 
3.Misty Glutting will be bringing a few snacks to tide us over till 6 pm dinner but if you desire any specific favorites bring them. Hint, We will truly miss Doug Depew's Frozen treat.
4. It's planned for all of us to have dinner at Armour's. As of now Wendy at the Donoho is expecting her guests to breakfast there.It's included in the price.  
5. Bob Glutting will be leading a group starting from Hartsville but will not be cycling back. Tom Evans has posted the route back to Hartsville on Ride with Ride With GPS

Only ten days till we head out. This looks to have the most riders ever. Here is the proposed itinerary and routes.  Please let me know if you have any corrections, questions or comments.   We usually have some non riding significant others who will take our gear to the B&B and also take a few refreshing beverages and snacks. No one has committed to that yet so please let me know if you have someone who can help with that.
Schedule as pdf 

Red Boiling Springs Ride 2015
September 19, 20, 2015

Day 1, Saturday, Sept 19

8:00 am Assemble at Bluegrass Bar and Grill Parking Lot (Sears Outlet Lot) on Corner of East Main and Bonita.
8:30 am Begin ride.

11:00-12:00 am Lunch in Hartsville. China Buffet in Dollar General Lot on corner of 141/Broadway and 25/Mcmurry Blvd. McDonalds and Subway nearby.
2:00-4:00 pm Arrive at RBS. Settle in and Socialize.

6:00 pm Supper at Armours

Day 2, Sunday Sept 20
8:00 am Breakfast at Armours.

9:00 am Begin Ride Back.

10:00 am In Lafayette. Last services for 20 miles.

11:30 am Castalian Springs Dollar General at intersection of Governor Hall and 25. Chance for snacks. Louie Law after this.

2:00 pm Arrive back in Hendersonville.

1. Day 1 has short option to continue on 25 in Castalian Springs. It's only 2 miles shorter but significantly easier.
2. Anyone wanting to start in Hartsville for a 30 mile ride meet us in Dollar General lot at corner of 141/Broadway and 25/Mcmurry Blvd at 11:30.
3. If anyone has a flat one or two will stay with them but the group should continue on and regroup at some later convenient place.
4. Day 2 has no defined lunch stop. In the past few have used it. Places to get food are available in Lafayette, mile 12, and Castalian Springs, mile 34. Then various places in Gallatin.
5. People wanting to end in Hartsville on Day 2 can stay on 141 at mile 25. If anyone wants to park a vehicle in Hartsville overnight let Bruce know.


BOB G. said...

I will meet the group in Hartsville and ride from there.

Doug_M said...

My wife can transport some gear to RBS. Just need to know what time she needs to be in RBS. I will be riding slow, so won't anticipate being there before scheduled time.

coastdownhills said...

Great! I'm sure most of us will be happy to have gear there any time Saturday but 2 pm would be my suggested time for her to arrive at Armours. Would she prefer to collect the baggage people sometime before the ride, say Thursday or Friday evening or wait till Sat am?
Call me at 615-nine five seven 1287 if you want to discuss it further.
Thanks very, very much,

Mike said...

Sherry Knake, Tracey Short, Dee Parrish. Laura are bringing snacks as well.

Mike Knake

monsieur cannonball said...

RBS or bust !