Friday, January 8, 2016

Lock ring tool

I have purchased new ROL rims and have a Ultegra 11x28 cassette on the way. Does anyone have a lock ring tool that I can use late next week to put the gears on the new rim? Leave me a message with contact number if I can borrow this tool to put this together.


coastdownhills said...

I have a lock ring tool that fits my Shimano 7 and 9 speed cassettes. As far as I know the lock ring is one of the few things that Shimano hasn't changed over the years. You may borrow it but you may want to bring your wheel to be sure it works. I've learned to never promise anything when working with bicycles or computers.
615- eight-too-too. zero seven seven won.

Brian Beisel said...

Thanks Bruce. I have tool offer and will see it that works first.