Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Congratulations to us

This from Phillip Pugliese, one of the founders of Bike Walk Tennessee and largely responsible for Chattanooga's emerging bicycle culture.

Many Fogbees can be counted among those calls and emails.


Spoke with Toks Omishakin today at a transportation meeting and of course the efforts of BWT and the gas tax bill came up.  He specifically said to “pop open a bottle of champagne” for your success.  TDOT was not happy at all with this legislative session and your efforts were definitely noticed and recognized.  One of the legislators told him that they had “never” received as many calls/emails as on this bill.

Well done!

Philip Pugliese
Prova Group LLC
4 Cherokee Blvd, No. 310
Chattanooga, TN 37405-4901

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Tom_E said...

Too many people complain about government, and then never both to participate. There is little doubt that our State Senators and Representative read the letters that we sent to them. Most of us received personal replies. If you signed those petitions and sent those letters you are the reason Rep Carter pulled the legislation before a vote. I have always been amazed how "in touch" members of the GA want to be with their constituency.