Sunday, June 5, 2016

Fantastic Weekend in Chattanooga

     It was another one of Mike and Sherry's great parties. Everyone kept telling us how great a job they did!   The large turnout of FOGBEES and guests are tribute to what everyone has learned to anticipate.  The club is truly fortunate to have them volunteer to do so much!
     We were especially appreciative of Mike and Sherry arranging for the rain showers to hold off until all bicyclists had returned.  Click here for Sherry Beisel's great pictures at the start of the ride.  It is also great to have a photographer back at our events.


coastdownhills said...

It was a great weekend. Thanks to Mike and Sherry for making the many behind the scenes arrangements and to Sherry B for the pictures. And especially to Tom and Sharyn E for driving Wilma and I there and back.

Doug_D said...

MARSHA and I had a great time even though I was a bit under the weather. Ride turned out to be perfect and the fellowship and eateries were excellent. Thanks for all your work to make this happen! GREAT JOB!!!