Sunday, June 19, 2016

Graphics Images

      With the interest in FOGBEE paraphernalia I have transferred to FOGBEE Google Drive (aka cloud) all the graphic images I have saved for past caps, jerseys, banners, and shirts.  You can download these files by clicking on the WEBSITE tab on this blog, scrolling down to PHOTO, and clicking on GRAPHICS.
      Producers of paraphernalia almost always require scalable vector files.  Since few people have this very expensive software for editing/creating these images, I have included two old copies of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator which Adobe has made public.  It is intended for use in Windows XP.  I have found all my old drawing software no longer works in Windows 10.
     We ask that if you are creating new vector images (including embroidery files which is included in the price of the initial purchase) of FOGBEE stuff that you send us copies so we can put it in the FOGBEE cloud so all members have access.

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