Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fogbee hats

Ink'n Screens has the artwork and is ready to begin work on our hats but a couple of things have to happen first. I need all the hats being provided by individuals, 12 on my list. The hats to be ordered (the same ones as previously selected from Blankshirts.com) will not be ordered until I have all 12 of the individually purchased hats so that I can give everything to the business at one time. If anyone still wants to order a hat please send me an email by Sunday the 21st at bhbeisel@yahoo.com with the style/color/size so it can be included. I have to cut this off so the work can move forward and must have all the information & hats for the work to begin. That is only possible if you do your part and get me what I need by Sunday. Finally, for those that have placed an order there is an option to put your first name, in cursive, on the right side of the hat. Please let me know if you want this for an additional $4.00. I will bring the list with me to the rides this week so if you have any questions please catch me then. If you can't ride or want to send me an email please do so this week.

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