Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Red Boiling Springs Hotel Update (rev comments 8/10/16)

Our weekend ride to Red Boiling Springs will be here before you know it. If your planning on the 3 day ride thru Gordonsville (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) the 2 day ride (Saturday, Sunday) or even if your not 100% sure yet you need to make your room reservations.

The Armour House is currently full with a waiting list but the Donoho Hotel just down the street still has rooms available (12 as of today). The Donoho has gone thru a remodel with updated rooms and Wendy is proud and excited to show it off, so call Wendy and make your reservations 615-699-3141 (if no answer leave a message and she will call you back).

The Donoho rate is $89 for a double occupancy including breakfast, we will have a group dinner at the Armour House on Saturday Night. If you plan on staying at the Donoho we just need to let Dennis know at the Armour how many for dinner, I can get that number as we get closer to the date.

This is a tour ride and a FOGBEE favorite that you don't want to miss. Make you plans now.
More updates and route information coming soon.



Brian beisel said...

I am riding all three legs. Sherry is supporting the ride Friday by hauling gear for the Friday riders. Sherry & I are staying at Donoho Saturday and joining the group for dinner. Make sense?

Woody said...

Yes..as of 3:45 today the Donoho did not have your reservation, unless you made it in the late afternoon.

Brian beisel said...

I made my reservation obout a month ago. ?????????

Todd jarrell said...

Look forward to this scenic yet challenging 3 day ride. Mike, thanks for mapping out a great route.

Woody said...

Rooms at the Armour:
Mike K
Mike S
Doc Boone
Gary W
Harry P
Todd J
Kate H
Bret D
Doug D
Phil (Cannonball)
Danny D
Mark H
Bruce D

Rooms at the Donoho:
Brian B
Jimmy R
Doug _

Lindsay said...

Booked in at the Donoho

Lindsay said...

Now at the Armor and in for all 3 days!

Tony Hernandez said...

Booked at the Donoho. Two days for me.