Thursday, October 6, 2016

FOGBEE Ale' Jersey Update

Just wanted to give everyone who ordered a FOGBEE Ale' jersey the information received from the APG factory in Italy.

We got a factory completion date of Nov. 2nd.
They are shipping directly to each person from Italy and it will take about a week.

Hopefully you'll have your jersey no later than Nov. 11th.

You may be interested in getting some Ale' bibs to go with the Jersey if you don't have the FOGBEE Bibs.

The Ale' Mithos bibs with the orange lettering would go nicely with the FOGBEE jersey.

I've photo shopped the front and back below with the jersey in case anyone is interested.

You can order them off the alebikewear site and use the $25.00 coupon for your first order.

I also found a shop in Italy that sells and ships them to the US.

Ale' Mithos Bibs

Anyhow, it won't be too long before we have our Jerseys!

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Frank Hernandez said...

SWEEEEEEET! I ordered my PRR Mithos Orange bibs today.