Sunday, October 15, 2017

Red Boiling Springs Oct 21 - 22 (updated 10/17 at 1:34PM)

(10/17 Update) - Luggage and Coolers
                           Sunday route added back to Hartsville
If your doing the Red Boiling Springs Weekend Ride PLEASE read; if not there is a Saturday option to Hartsville and Back.
Hopefully this will answer some questions and I need some information back as there a few loose ends that need to be tied up. Let me know if I have missed anything or haven't answered a question.

Lodging- The Armour's Hotel is booked but there are still rooms at the Donoho Hotel just down the street 615-699-3141 John would love to have you.

Luggage Coolers- A couple of options for those that need baggage transported. Traci and Sherry will be leaving from White House on Saturday and can take bags, you will need to get your bags and cooler to Traci on Friday. Gary is taking a car to RBS on Friday if you can get your bags to me Thursday evening or Friday morning I will get them to Gary for transport to RBS Friday. If anyone wants to volunteer to meet at the start Saturday morning to transport bags that will be awesome. Contact me at 615-887-6382.
Marsha will be at the start on Saturday if anyone needs bags and coolers transported.We will work out the return in RBS on Saturday.

Lunch Saturday in Hartsville- We will meet up in Hartsville for lunch on Saturday at Dillehay's Café (meat & three), other local options are available near by.

Light snacks and refreshment's - Marsha, Traci and Sherry are working on refreshments for Saturday afternoon on the porch at RBS. Contact one of them or myself if you can help or have any special request. I am asking for $5 from each person to show your appreciation and to help offset the cost and their time in getting the snacks together, delivered and set-up. BYOB except for water and Gatorade will be available. Thanks to these ladies for the help! Also we need to make sure and put away all our trash and clean off the porch before leaving; Dennis has a broken leg and can't get around easily.

Cigars - Afternoon cigars with an adult beverage or soda on the porch is a tradition, so bring your favorite smoke.

(Dinner and Breakfast times have been changed to help out the kitchen staff)
Saturday Night Dinner- Fried Chicken Country Dinner at 6:00PM if your staying at the Armour's I am assuming you are doing dinner, I need to give Dennis a head count. If you are not staying at the Armour's and planning on doing dinner there I need a head count ASAP. If you have any dietary request for breakfast or dinner advise Dennis at the Armour's. 615-699-2180

Sunday Breakfast- Another treat you don't want to miss. Breakfast will start at 8:00AM. We will depart 9:00AM on Sunday.

This is a FOGBEE event and a time to enjoy great company and friends so no real time line applies. Its a weekend of Louie's Law.

1. If anyone has a flat at least one or two stay with them, the group should continue on and regroup at a convenient location later.
2. No defined lunch stop on Sunday. Stores are available in Lafayette and Castalian Springs.

Starting Point on Saturday-  8:30 -8:45AM We will start and return from the "Last Call Bar and Grill" in Gallatin located at 1184 Long Hollow Pike and will meet riders from White House there. Overnight parking is approved and there is also parking at Gary and Lucy's just around the corner in Buckingham at 321 Remington Ave, Gallatin and at Shane Meade home at 421 Remington Ave.

Arrive RBS- We should arrive in RBS between 2:00 and 4:00PM settle in and socialize.

Below are routes for Saturday and Sunday along with a route for anyone that would like to ride to Hartsville on Saturday have lunch with us and return to Gallatin the same day.

If I'm missing anything or you have any questions please let me know.
Woody 615-886-6382

RBS 2017 Saturday

RBS 2017 Sunday

Gallatin to Hartsville and Back Saturday

2017 RBS to Hartsville Sunday

Hope to see you there!


Woody said...
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coastdownhills said...

Good work Woody.

Blog Admin said...

I agree with Bruce. Lot of work & you've done a great job putting it all together.

Woody said...

Thanks Guys! But I had some help.

Docbruw said...

Great job on herding this crazy group of cats Woody!

Frank said...

Is anyone riding up and driving back Saturday night?

Woody said...

Frank I do not of anyone riding up and back on Saturday, but if you want to take a vehicle up on Friday give me a call.

Frank said...

Thanks Woody. I think I have it worked out with my daughter.

Steve said...

I am considering riding to Hartsville and back.

Kaiser Dawg said...

Steve Curtis... I am also planning on riding out to Hartsville and back on Saturday. Will see you in Gallatin for the start. - Mike Kaiser