Thursday, March 23, 2023

Hendersonville is Building a Pump Track!

Contact-  David Hardin , Grant Berkery , Dustin Collins , Matt Pomerenke


  • What: A full sized pump track for families of our community to enjoy. Riders pump arms and legs to match rolling terrain propelling themselves to faster speeds. Enjoyment is found in each lap. Bikes, scooters, skateboards and rollerblades can all enjoy this venue for free..
  • Where: In Veterans Park alongside Mary’s Magical Place and the Hendersonville Skatepark. This park has facilities and water fountains and our location is away from the floodplain with terrific visibility from the bypass and greenway access.
  • Why: Pump tracks are fun for all ages and ability levels, they are inclusive and available to everyone with no fees or membership required to ride. Connected via Hendersonville Greenway to the Warrior Mountain Bike Trail, Mary's Magical Place, the city library, and local restaurants. Families can link together a bit of a dream day of outdoor recreation combined with local stops.   
  • Who: The Hendersonville Rotary club is handling the funds for our community group the Hendersonville Bike Trails (HBT).  100% of this funding will go to the pump track. The Public works department, Board of Mayor Alderman, Mayor, and Parks department have all voted unanimously to construct and maintain this addition.  If donation goals are not met or exceed the needs of the pump track, the funds will be used in the Hendersonville park system for features on the bike trails at Warrior Trail and Heritage Park.
  • How: Constructed by, through the generosity of donors and local businesses we will raise the money and In-kind Material donations to fully fund this project.
    • Top Tier - 6 donors at $25,000 
    • Business Sponsor - 10 donors at $5,000
    • Founding Member - 25 donors at $1,000
    • Supporting Member - 100 donors at $250
    • Goal: $250K.  
  • When: Our funding strategy will end April 15th with completion of pump track by Aug. of 2023

Sponsorship benefits

  • The feel good - You are contributing to a recreational venue that will be in Veterans park for 20+ years where thousands of children and families will enjoy it. 
  • In the Park - On-site signage to recognize Top tier donors, business sponsors, and founding members
  • Digital - Permanent website recognition, Social media blasts on a regular basis to recognize businesses and individual donors
  • Tax Write-off - Donations are 100% Tax deductible.  All donations of $250 or more will be issued receipts from the Hendersonville Rotary’s Non-profit. 
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