Thursday, May 12, 2022

Saturday Ride, 5/14/22, from White House High School

Let’s ride!

The ride will start at 8:00AM from White House High School.  Temperatures look good for the morning with a slight chance of rain.  Check back at 7:00AM on Saturday to see if we will ride. 

Social Hour after the ride at White House Pizza and Pub. 

See you on the road,


37 Mile Route   Rest Stop at 17 Miles

44 Mile Route   Rest Stop at 25 Miles

50 Mile Route   Rest Stop at 25 Miles

54 Mile Route   Rest Stop at 25 Miles


Woody said...

50 looks like a good number, See ya there!
Thanks for the routes Mike.

John C said...

we're in for 44 or 50 TBD

Steve B. said...

Tomorrow is the Strawberry Festival in Portland. We could encounter heavy traffic.