Thursday, August 4, 2022

Saturday Ride, BGBG at 7:30 or YMCA at 8:30

Some are volunteering for Kids Triathlon at the Y again this year, and as in prior years we will have a start at Bluegrass Bar & Grill for a loop of Indian Lake Peninsula then meet up with the rest at the Y after 13.5 miles. If you want a later start or less miles, feel free to start from the Y. 

45 miles, store at 27 (from Y: 32 mile, store at 14)

53 miles, store at 30 (from Y: 40 miles, store at 17)

Recovery at BGBG.


Mike said...

In for the 53, but starting at the Y. Net 40.

Woody said...

53 starting from BGBG

John C said...

In for 40 from the Y

Steve said...

Almost 40 from the Y.

Tony T said...

In from BGB&G!