Thursday, September 22, 2022

Saturday Ride, 9/24/22, from White House High School

 Going to be a cool start to the ride Saturday morning, but will warm nicely.  Good morning for a ride.  Enjoy one of the below routes.

I am still off the bike but, good news, the bike is fixed.  It just needs a healthy rider. Hope to be back Tuesday.  

Post ride social hour at White House Pizza and Pub. 

Banged up and missing the road,


37 Miles Rest Stop at 17

44 Miles Rest Stop 25

50 Miles Rest Stop 25

54 Miles Rest Stop at 25


Kate said...

Plan to ride - might need to dig out the vest for the start of the ride!

Woody said...

Thanks Mike.. glad to hear the bike is fixed and you are healing. You added a new meaning to “see you on the road”.. We miss you and are looking forward to having you back very soon. Might need a vest and arm warmers Saturday but not complaining. 54 looks good. See ya there.

John C said...

Out of town Have good ride

Steve said...

54 with Woody

Docbruw said...

Almost too cold for me but I'll break out the winter gear. It's still in the car anyway.

Woody said...

Wheels down at 8:00AM

MS said...

There's a few of us in for 44