Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Night Riders, Thursday @ 5:45

Sean and I rode this route to the end of Liberty and back Tuesday and it was great - even a better night route than Cottontown PO. Charge those lights and give it a try.

Sam's - Liberty - Sam's

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

One Last Charity Ride - Ride to the Sky this Saturday in Cookeville

Thanks to Sean for telling me about this ride. We're known for having the most comprehensive list of rides in Middle Tennessee, but we missed this one. Riding the plateau is a rare treat for the Fogbees, and sponsored by a brewery no less. Check it out.

Ride to the Sky

Monday, October 20, 2014

Return of the Night Riders, 6 PM Tuesday at Sam's

Until the temperature or weather drives us indoors to spin, some of us still like to hit the road with the lights on high. We stick to a couple simple routes on well known roads. Riding in a group with bright, well charged lights is a must. Please post if you plan to ride so we know what group(s) can be formed.

Liberty Loop - 24 miles

Tuesday the 21st from Sams

For anyone who wants to continue enjoying the awesome weather and can ride at 4:15, be at Sams for the Franklin Loop. Do what moves you!!!


We will also have 2 fittings this week.  We won't be riding, but we will meet at Blue Grass Bar and Grille on Tuesday and Thursday form 5:30 to 7:00 for anyone to come in and try them on.

Anyone interested in a summer jersey can come try one on at that time if they do not already know what size they need.   I need some folks to volunteer their summer jerseys for people to try them on.

See you on the road,

Mike Knake

Sunday, October 19, 2014

RBS 14, Great weekend

Great Weather, Great friends and good food.  Despite a more than average number of punctures and a rare front spoke break everyone got to Armour's in time to socialize before eating. Looey Law was applied early at Hartsville so I don't know how folks made it home. Below is an image taken by Marsha D of the riders who made the return ride.
Thanks to all who stepped up to make this another great Fogbee weekend.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Red Boiling Springs Day 2 Route

I found that on my Garmin it only accept the first 16 character of the routes.  Since both are named the same except at the end, the last route loaded is the only one that loads. (ie Red_Boiling_Spri )  I have renamed the Day 2 route Day 2.  If your are riding the RBS ride, using a Garmin and want both routes, you should go back and download day 1 from Bruce's post, and download this Day 2 route from this post, so you have both routes.

Day 2 Red Boiling Springs.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thursday Ride from BRIXX, Oct 16th

This will be our last week night ride. It has been another great summer for riding.  Hopefully, we will have nice Saturdays this winter.

Ride will be at 5:00 and we will do the Liberty Loop heading out Saundersville to Big Station and coming back Upper/Lower/Jenkins/Anderson/Drakes Creek.
Time for Gary to start up Fogbees Spin at the YMCA.

See you tomorrow night.

Mike Knake

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Red Boiling Springs Ride this weekend

Looks like the weather will cooperate this year and the leaves are turning just in time for some color.  Below is the list of names Dennis Emery has for this weekend. Please review and let me know if anyone has been omitted. 

2014 Itinerary

Day 1 Cue

Day 2 Cue

Room #1 ..... Harry P  2 People
Room #2 ..... Danny D  - 1 or 2 People
Room #9 ..... Bob G  - 2 People
Room #10 ... Tammy G  - 2 People
Room #19 .... Mike K  - 2 People
Room #21 .... Phillip V  - 2 People
Room #22 .... J Woody - 2 People
Room #23 .... Doug D - 2 People
Room #24 .... Kristi D  - 2 People
Room #25 .... David S r - 2 People
Room #26 .... Gary W  - 2 People
Room #27 .... Bruce    D  - 1 person
Dinner Only .. Ed T - 2 People for dinner

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tuesday Ride/Joey Holland Show- Oct 14th

You may have seen the article in the October Newaletter about Joey Holland and the show that he putting on at Bikers Choice Tuesday night at 7:00.  Many of you know Joey.  He is an avid rider. Accomplished musician and all round nice guy (well some think so).  He has combine Shia love of cycling and music with community service. He and a friend will be performing and showing a video of what he has been doing.

We will ride from Bikers choice at 5:00. Route will be posted. After the ride, we will order pizzas and stay for Joey's show.  PLEASE post if you would like pizza and we will get them ordered before we finish the ride.  Also feel free to BYOB.

See you on the road

Mike Knake

Joe Holland Ride

Friday, October 10, 2014

October 11, 2014. Saturday Multi-Club Ride at Beech High School this Saturday

This upcoming Saturday, the Harpeth Bike Club as well as the Veloteers will once again be making a visit to our neighborhood and I would love to have a strong showing from the Fogbees for this ride. We will be meeting up at Beech High School at 8:00 and plan on riding up towards Cross Plains via Tinnen. I have routes of 56 miles, 42 miles as well as a turtle route of 34 miles that skips the climb up Tinnen. If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me at the store this week.

I have taken the liberty of adding the FOGBEE 48 that will meet the long route their marker 20 at mile 15 without Tinnen.  The route only has 1850ft of climb and follows the long route up to Jake link.  At that point it cuts off miles by staying on Maxwell Branch and joining the regular route going down the gap.  I suggest post ride refreshments for all riders at Sam Sports Bar and Grill Post ride. - Doug

Turtle Route
Short Route
Fogbee 48 - less climb
Long Route

FOGBEE Long Sleeve Jersey and Repeat Summer Jersey Order

We are ready to take a new Jersey order. This time we will be ordering long sleeve jerseys, but if you missed the opportunity earlier this year to order a short sleeve jersey or wanted additional short sleeve jerseys, this your chance. The long sleeve jersey is the same design as the short sleeve jersey, except that the sleeves will be all black with the yellow and red bands (currently at the bottom of the sleeve) at the cuff.
When we ordered last spring we had a promotional price plus we gave everyone an additional discount as we had sponsor money for the first order that also paid for all the freight on the fit kits and final shipping. LG is giving us the same price but less the promo plus we have to cover shipping. Based on this, the Short Sleeve Jersey will be $52.  There are two different styles, the Tour (formerly Fondo) and the Sport.

We are trying to get into the pick 18 program where we can mix long sleeve jerseys, jackets etc for a total of 18pc. The LS warmer jersey at 12 to 24 is $83, at 25 we get to $72 and at 50 it would be $67. This includes the coverage for the fit kit costs and shipping. Overall we have to get 18 Jerseys and Jackets, excluding the short sleeve above. LG can use the artwork on the jersey for the artwork on the jackets.

To get logo jackets we would have to order at least 6. They have several jacket levels, Thermal, Superlight, Winddry, Pro light, and Holey. Prices at the 6 level would run from $111 to $168 (the table above is in price order). If we could get to 12 the price would drop to $91 to $147. I doubt the group would buy more but there is price breaks at 25 then 50.

Remember these prices are for Custom made FOGBEE GEAR. We will have the fit kits beginning next week for TWO weeks. During that time we will take orders. First opportunity for checking out and tringon the long sleeve jerseys and jackets may be on the Red Boling Springs Ride. As usual, since we have to pay for custom gear in advance, your payment will be expected prior to placing the order.

Doug, Mike, Gary and Dave
{Designers Extraodanaire, Inc}

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thursday ride from BRIXX, Oct 9th

All rides will start at 5:00 PM.  The route is the Liberty Loop Route heading out Saundersville to Big Station to Long Hollow to Neal's and coming back Upper, Lower, Jenkins/Anderson/Drakes Creek.

I won't be able to make it tomorrow.  Someone from each group please be a ride leader and be safe.

Mike Knakw

Fog bee ride today at 3:30 ( post office and back)

Couldn't ride yesterday but you want to on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon.  A few of us will leave from BLUEGRASS BAR & GRILL .    


Last Sunday we issued the FOGBEE Newsletter.  If you didn't receive a copy, you can read it by clicking

Monday, October 6, 2014

Tuesday ride from Sam's

Weather looks bad and the sun sets at 6:22PM, but we will give it a shot.

All rides start at 5:00.

See you on the road,

Mike Knake

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Jack N Back time

Except for Todd losing his wallet the day was awesome. A Northwest tail wind kept things going smoothly.  Today was my 7th straight year on this bike ride for a great cause and  I enjoyed every one of the 75 miles with Mike K., Mike G. , Todd and Mr. Miley. Fogbees Rock!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Saturday Oct 4 - Blackstone Nashville Greenway Ride 9:30 am

We haven't done a greenway ride all year.  This is an opportunity for all to come out for a nice ride mostly on Nashville's beautiful greenways.  The full ride is 39.7 miles.  For those who want less they can park at LP field and meet us at the foot of the pedestrian bridge (10 miles in) at approx 10:05 to 10:15 for a 29 mile out and back.  At the bridge it is an out and back ride, so you can make the ride any length you want by turning around at your half way point.

It is going to be a cool Saturday and to give everyone plenty of time to arrive the ride will start at 9:30 am.  Blackstone's is located at 1918 West End Ave and we will park in their lot.

Please post your intentions to ride and whether you will go to Blackstone's after the ride.  I will need to give Blackstone's an approximate count by noon Friday so they can set up tables for us.  If you can't post text me on my cell, or call me on my Google phone at 615-431-9821.  This is a voice only number.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thursday, Oct. 2nd, Ride From BRIXX

Thre rides will start at:

5:10 Turtles
5:20 Hounds, Jackalopes and Hares

I will not be able to ride tomorrow.  Looking volunteers to be ride leaders for the rides.

Happy Hollow Patton Branch Long Hollow Center Point

See you on the road,

Mike Knake

Monday, September 29, 2014

Tuesday Ride from Sam's, Sept 30th.

We will ride from Sam's at 5:20 and 5:30.

We will basically do the Liberty Loop heading out Saundersville to Big Station, Long Hollow, Neals Liberty returning Lower, Jenkins, Anderson, Drakes Creek.

Remember your headlights and blinkies.

See you on the road.

Mike Knake

anyone riding tomorrow?

Sams at 5:20? Route TBD?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014's time for the Fogbee Halloween party!!!!

Mark your calendars ;
Start working on your costume...
It's our 7th year to celebrate our Fogbee club and have fun and festivities together..
The party is Halloween night on Friday, October 31 from 7:30 pm until whenever..
Glen Oaks Clubhouse, 101 Agee Circle, Hville.
Byob and please bring a pot luck dinner item or dessert! DJ Draft Master will get u dancing...
Prizes for best costume; games and merriment... YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND.....

Thursday Ride From BRIXX, Sept 25th

We will ride at
5:20PM Turtles, Hounds and Jackalopes
5:30PM Hares

21 Miles Madison Creek Happy Hollow Center Point

You can add 2 miles by going across Drakes Creek staying on Stop 30 to Saundersville coming back in Saundersville.

See you on the road

Mike Knake

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wednesday Afternoon Ride

I will be taking a long lunch on Wednesday the 24th, riding from Sams at 12pm. Route will be Sandersville, Lower, Upper, Brinkley, Sandy Valley, Hogans, Madison Creek, Long Hollow, New Shackle, Drakes Creek back to Sams.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Tuesday Ride from Sam's, Sept 23rd

We will ride from Sam's.
5:20 Turtles, Hounds and Jackalopes
5.20 Hares

21.7 Mile Route

23.2 Mile Route

See you on the road,

Mike Knake

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Yellowstone and Grand Tetons

The 500-mile Grand Tetons and Yellowstone bike ride exceeded everyone's expectations by a considerable margin.  The 17.5 GB and nearly 4000 pictures and videos attest to how spectacular our 9-day ride was.  We have since opened our planning website to the public at .  It will take a while longer to digest the photos and videos for sharing.
We have, however, three awards for our trip.  King of the Mountain goes to Andrew, who was the first to climb the 9500-foot plus Teton and Dunraven passes without gasping for oxygen and then make the ten-mile downhill harrowing descents without launching himself off a cliff. The EFI goes to Anne and Ben Cowan who never allowed anything to stand in their way to riding Every Fantastic Inch of our route.  The Ultimate Tourist goes to Dean who with boundless energy never missed any tourist attraction along the route.;

Friday, September 19, 2014

Saturday Local Ride 8:30 from Beech

Multiple club members requested a local ride, so here it is, with an extra 30 min of rest!  A 45 miler was the request but my map ended up at 51.  It is fairly flat with only 2100 ft of climb.  Post ride at Sams or you can go to the Brewfest.  Rest stop and store at 27 miles.

51 mile Orlinda Loop

Another Saturday 9/20 Option: Sunrise / CRAM 100

Looks to be great weather Saturday, perfect for a 100 miler on the Sunrise / CRAM course. If you have never done a century but want to, this is the one to do. There are markets at miles 29, 45, 60, and 85. The plan? Meet in Goodlettsville, in the K-mart parking lot, at 6am. We will leave from Rossview High School, 1237 Rossview Rd, Clarksville, TN 37043

Sunrise / CRAM 100