Thursday, October 27, 2016

List of label information

After feedback here is what I have for Monday's order for labels. Check yours over to ensure I have the correct information. Please only send me needed changes. Format: Name, background color, letter color, font, left flag/logo, right flag/logo. If you want to see what yours will look like go onto the website and put in your choices, 26 total sheets so far, nice response for this item.

Brian Beisel, matte transparent, silver, Brush Script Std, FOGBee, US flag
Tony Hernandez, transparent , orange, Brush Script Std, FOGBee, US flag subdued
Gary Williams, black, white, Brush Script Std, FOGBee, TN flag
Todd Jarrell, black, white, Frijole, FOGBee, TN flag
Frank Hernandez, black, white, Brush Script Std, FOGBee, TN flag
Harry Parrish, transparent, black, Brush Script Std, TN flag, FOGBee
Lindsay Case, black, white, Brush Script Std, FOGBee, TN flag
Woody, black, white, Brush Script Std, FOGBee, TN flag
Doc Bruw, black, white, Brush Script Std, FOGBee, TN flag
John Peel, black, white, Brush Script Std, FOGBee, TN flag
Kellie Taylor, black, white, Brush Script Std, FOGBee, TN flag
PopPop, black, white, Brush Script Std, FOGBee, US flag
MomMon, black, white, Brush Script Std, FOGBee, US flag
Shane Meade, black, white, Exo, FOGBee, US flag (2 sheets)
Brent Hill, black, white, Exo, FOGBee, US flag
Hayden Hill, black, white, Exo, FOGBee, US flag
Jake, black, white, Exo, FOGBee, TN flag
Bash, black, white, Exo, FOGBee, TN flag
Kendall, black, white, Exo, FOGBee, TN flag
Gerardo, black, white, Exo, FOGBee, TN flag
Wesley, black, white, Exo, FOGBee, TN flag
Miley, matte transparent, white, Brush Script Std, US flag, FOGBee 
Frank Burgess, silver, black, Brush Script Std, FOGBee, US flag
T. Allgood, transparent, white, League Gothic, US flag, FOGBee (2 sheets)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fogbee Spin #5 Thursday at 6:20 pm at the YMCA!

Saturday Ride at Home Bound Meals Pancake Breakfast, HHS @ 8 AM

Again this year we will ride in conjunction with the Home Bound Meals Program's Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction at Hendersonville High School, 123 Cherokee Road, in cooperation with Bikers Choice. The event runs from 7 - 10:30, so either get there early or finish the ride in time if want join in all the fun. The breakfast is $5. Even if you just ride, any donation would be greatly appreciated for this important cause. 

We'll take this opportunity to ride some old Hville favorites from prior years' pool parties and YMCA events. 

Pancakes or not, we can still fully recover afterwards at Bluegrass. 

Bike labels - update

I have enough for the order to be placed. Some have given me enough details, some have not. I want to get each one correct so please look this over information carefully. All labels will have the "bee" on the left hand side. Check the spelling of your name and let me know if there are any other changes you want to make. Font or flag You can look at the choices on the website Only send me changes by this Friday. If your info is correct I don't need anything from you. I plan to order on Monday. Thanks, Brian

Bee - Gary Williams - TN flag (brush script std font)
Bee - Todd Jarrell - TN flag (friole font)
Bee - Frank Hernandez - TN flag (brush script std font)
Bee - Harry Parrish TN flag (brush script std font)
Bee - Lindsay Case - TN flag (brush script std font)
Bee - Woody - TN flag (brush script std font)
Bee - Doc Bruw - TN flag (brush script std font)
Bee - John Peel - TN flag (brush script std font)
Bee - Kellie Taylor - TN flag (brush script std font)
Bee - Tony Hernandez - US flag (brush script std font)
Bee - PopPop - US flag (brush script std font)
Bee - MomMom - US flag (brush script std font)
Bee - Shane Meade - US flag (brush script std font) (2 sheets)
Bee - Jake - TN flag (exo font)
Bee - Bash - TN flag (exo font)
Bee - Kendall - TN flag (exo font)
Bee - Gerardo - TN flag (exo font)
Bee - Wesley - TN flag (exo font)
Bee - Brian Beisel - TN flag (brush script std font)

Wednesday 10/26 Hump Day Ride From Sam's @ 6

*****Due to lack of interest& comments I am cancelling tonight's ride*****See you on the road another time***Come on out and light up the night! Saundersville, Stop 30, Jones, Anderson, Jenkins, Lower Station Camp, Long Hollow, Upper station Camp, Liberty to Hwy 25 & back. Don't forget your headlights and blinkies. Ride on........

Monday, October 24, 2016

Bike decals

Most of you know about the website "" to order name labels that can be put on your bike, helmet or other cycling gear. I contacted the company and got them to add our FOGBee bee to the available choices. If we put a order of 20 or more we can get a 50% discount ($5.00 a sheet vs. $10) for a sheet of 4 labels. I would have to send in the list of names in order to receive this discount  I am sending this out to gauge the level of interest.

College Football Tailgate Ride, Saturday, November 5th

Put this on you calendar.  Weather permitting, we are planning a Tailgate Party hosted by Bill Barton and Janice Camplin following the ride on Saturday, Nov. 5th.  Come watch your favorite team. The ride will start from Janice Camplin's (Janice is Sherry Knake's mother)  farm on Tyree Springs in White House.  Everyone can park in the fields at the farm.

Bill Barton is setting up 3 big screen TVs, port-a-johns, heaters (if necessary) and grills. We will grill out burgers and brats.   Janice Camplin will make her famous baked beans, which are always a hit at the Titans tailgate parties.

Just bring a side, chips and dip or a desert.

Also, all spouses or significant others are invited to join us following the ride for the food and fun.

Thanks to Bill Barton and Janice Camplin for putting this party on for us.

More details to come.

See you on the road,


Tuesday 10/25 ride from Sam's at 6.....

Come on out and light up the night! Saundersville, Stop 30, Jones, Anderson, Jenkins, Lower Station Camp, Long Hollow, Upper station Camp, Liberty to Hwy 25 & back. Don't forget your headlights and blinkies. Ride on........

Friday, October 21, 2016

Bike Racks For Sale

I have 2 hitch mounted bike racks for sale.  Just bought a new one so I don't need all 4 of them. I will be in town before and after Thanksgiving and can bring them with me if anyone is interested.

  • Bell 2-bike carrier $40
  • Yakima Double Down (older model) 5-bike carrier $200

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ride to the Sky, Cookeville this Saturday

Our Grand Finale for this year's sponsored rides. No ride in the last couple years was more beautiful than Ride to the Sky. Yes, there were a couple long climbs, but nothing our local climbs didn't prepare us for. The traffic control, support, rest stops and post-ride food and drink were very good, especially a couple local brews from Calfkiller.

This year the organizers have planned all new route options, adding a challenging 80 miler, and starting from a new location: Dogwood Park near downtown. The 60 and 80 milers start at 8 AM; the 20 and 40 starts at 9. Get all the details at...

Post a comment if you want to carpool. Meeting time and place will be determined based on riders. If we leave from Hendersonville, we should meet no later than 6 AM.

Local Option for Saturday October 22, 2016 - UPDATE

Woody called me - This will be the only Local Ride Option posted for Saturday

We are going to ride up into KY and do a loop  that Brian Kortness did a few years back, but in reverse.

We'll be leaving from the White House City Park at 9:00 am.

 Park in the back parking lot on the left after you drive past the Football field, down the hill and around the sharp left hand turn.

Here's the long and short routes.

Adairville KY Loop - 53.5 miles
Store in Adairville at the 28 mile mark

Orlinda Loop - 31.3 miles
Store in Orlinda

Planning on eating at Margarita Grill in White House after the ride.

NO DROP pace like we did to the Tasty Freeze.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

It's Spin # 3!

Come join us for our FOGBEE Thursday SPIN at the YMCA at 6:25 pm. Bee there!

Over the Hump Ride @ 6 from Brixx

Come on out and light up the night! Saundersville, Stop 30, Jones, Anderson, Jenkins, Lower Station Camp, Long Hollow, Upper station Camp, Liberty to Hwy 25 & back. Don't forget your headlights and blinkies. Ride on........

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday Night Ride from Sam's @ 6

Time for some night riding fun from Sam's at 6PM! Saundersville, Stop 30, Jones, Anderson, Jenkins, Lower Station Camp, Long Hollow, Upper station Camp, Liberty to Hwy 25 & back. Don't forget your headlights and blinkies. Ride on........

Friday, October 14, 2016

Saturday Oct. 15th Local Ride

For those that want to stay local, here is a 45 mile to Bethpage and back, leaving from my house. Address is 140 Upper Station, leaving at 9am.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

UPDATE: Unity Ride nand Pot Luck Oct 15th In Memory of Bryan Kortness

"Area cycling clubs will gather on October 15th to honor Bryan Kortness and continue his vision of bringing the cycling community together. Bryan, a local and avid cyclist, passed away in April 2015 after years of living with type 1 diabetes.

Bryan was passionate about connecting people through riding bikes and took every available opportunity to invite people on rides. Before his death, he started an annual group ride to help connect the vast network of cyclists and cycling clubs throughout the greater Nashville area.

Many of us live with or know someone who lives with type 1 diabetes. It’s JDRF’s mission to treat and cure type 1 diabetes. Donations to continue their mission in Bryan’s memory are appreciated."

Our goal is to raise $1,000 between the five clubs.  Donations can be made at the link below. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Spin # 2 at 6:30 pm Thursday night at the YMCA!

Bike for Sale

My Son Ethan has a very nice Lynskey R140 for sale

Size Medium or 54 basically

It's as close to brand new as a used bike can get and a steal!

Lynskey R140 Ultegra

He has a Helix as well and just doesn't want so much money tied up in two bikes of that  caliber

Just text me or call me if your interested in looking at it

Monday, October 10, 2016


Join your Fogbee friends for the, believe it or not, 9th year of Spinning at the HENDERSONVILLE YMCA at 6:30 pm for one hour of sweat and music. The YMCA has many options for monthly membership and you can end your membership when we stop Spinning in March. Spinning is every TUESDAY AND THURSDAY AT 6:30 pm and Saturday at 10 am if there is no outside ride. Spinning keeps you in bike shape and continues the great camaraderie
that makes the Fogbees special. Brew afterwards is optional...Bee there! Gary...

Thursday, October 6, 2016

FOGBEE Ale' Jersey Update

Just wanted to give everyone who ordered a FOGBEE Ale' jersey the information received from the APG factory in Italy.

We got a factory completion date of Nov. 2nd.
They are shipping directly to each person from Italy and it will take about a week.

Hopefully you'll have your jersey no later than Nov. 11th.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Membership List Update

      We have updated the membership list with a total of 155 members.  The list is password protected for everyone's privacy.  All members may access the list with the User ID and the same password we have used over the last five years.  If you need the PW ask a long time member or send us a request at

Monday, October 3, 2016

Danny's Last Night Out With The Guys- Wednesday, Oct 5th

Due to events taking place per the post below, Wednesday will be Danny's last night out with the guys for some time.   Sooo, come join us at Moli Paza in White House for some pizza and beer.  The fun begins at 6:00PM.

Please post if you plan on attending so we can let Moli Paza know.

Moli Paza is located in the strip mall (pun intended) across from the White House Animal Clinic on 31W in White House.

See you then,

Some of the Guys

Danny and Laura Invite All FOGVBEES To A Celebration

Laura and Danny invite ALL FOGBEES to a celebration of their new life together.  Please mark this date down on your calendar and come spend a special evening with two special people.

The celebration will be at 6593 Highway 76E, Springfield, TN. 

Congratulations Laura and Danny!!!

Regular Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Rides Suspended due to lack of sunlight

Well, it is that time of year.  We just don't have enough daylight left at the end of the day to do the rides.  As such, they are suspended until next spring.

It has been another good riding season

HOWEVER, watch for Miley's Night Rider Nights, an occasional late afternoon ride posted by Woody or Woody's What Else Do You Have To Due But Ride Ealry On Sunday Rides.

Weather permitting, I am sure that Miley will post one of his special routes that will include such fun roads as Dobbins Pike or Tinnin just so our legs won't forget them.

Also, it is about time for Gary's Wednesday Night Fogbee Spin class at the Hendersonville YMCA.

So, don't get fat and lazy over the winter.  There will still be plenty to do.

See you on the road,

Mike and Woody

Friday, September 30, 2016

Newspaper Article for UNITY Ride

Here is a copy of the article that you requested for the UNITY Ride that appeared today (9/30/16) in the Hendersonville Standard newspaper.

Kudos to Grand Fondo

This week I took my Focus in to get some maintenance done.  They discovered a crack in my frame and are working to get it replaced for me .  That is not what the Kudos is for.

He knew I was riding Jack and Back.  I was concerned about riding my Orbea.  He told me to bring it in.  He refitted me on the bike and set it up like my Focus.  Replaced my tape, transferedmy seat, checked everything out.  Best part is that he didn't charge me a thing to make it right because of the Focus.

On top of that, a number of you know we have been trying to help out a new young rider named Leo. I got to talking to Lynn about Leo and he is helping us w a great deal in a new bike for him.  Tomorrow Leo is getting fitted and will be picking up his new bike.

Thanks Lynn for all that you have done.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fogbee hats

Good news - I have most of the hats. There are 3 black distressed hats that are back ordered but I didn't want to wait any longer to get these into your hands (or on your heads). When the back ordered hats are ready I will be contacted. These hats were not easy from the embroidery perspective so I need one more dollar per hat to cover the cost. Sorry, I used an estimate that didn't quite do it. I will bring the hats with me to the next few events for distribution. If you want to make other arrangements you can get in touch with me at 270-978-1610. Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Red Boiling Springs images on Shutterfly

My images of the 2016 Red Boiling Springs ride are now on Shutterfly.
If you have trouble, try clicking on the "Website" tab at the top of the Fogbee Blog page, then scroll down to Photos, Shutterfly.

Most notable are all the smiles and outright laughter visible on the faces. This despite the rain.

Thanks to Woody for organizing the ride and to Mike for adding the new wrinkle of a 3 day option.  Many thinks to Marsha Depew and Sherry Baisel for luggage transport. I don't know who brought all the goodies but it was fantastic. Don't stop.

Most of all, congratulate yourselves for participating. You make the party.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

FOGBEE ALE Jerseys - Last Call

We have met the minimum order requirement for custom Jersey orders from APG/ALE.

Our FOGBEE Jerseys order will be placed with the factory Monday.

Today, and possibly first thing tomorrow morning, will be your last chance to order a Pro Level FOGBEE ALE Jersey for the foreseeable future.