Friday, August 17, 2018

Titan's Ride and Tailgate Party, Sept 9th

Bill Barton is hosting the FOGBEES for the opening game of the Titans at his home on September 9th.  All FOGBEES are invited.

We will have ride prior to the game.  The ride will start at his home at 9:00.   After ride, you will be able to shower and get ready for the Tailgate.

Bring your swimsuit and a towel and take a dip in the pool.

Bring a chair to sit back in and watch the Titans play the Dolphins.  Kick off is at 12:00.  There will be plenty of big screen TVs to watch the game on.   There will be one or two that you can catch your favorite team on, if for some reason you are not a Titans fan.

Bill will be cooking up pork and beef briskets.  We will have Thunder Ann in a big can (otherwise known as a keg).   Cost is about $10 per person.

Bring a side dish. 

Post if you are planning on coming and what side you will bring.

Bill's event planner assistant,


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Saturday Ride, WHHS at 8 AM

The forecast is sketchy with 40% chance of rain, but let's roll the dice to the NW and see if we can beat the odds. Check back at 7 AM for weather related updates.

37 miles, store at 25
50 miles, store at 30
60 miles, store at 40

Recovery at White House Pizza & Pub.

Ride from SCHS, Thursday 8/16

Looks like the weather might be an issue today.  I'm not sure I'll be riding today just depends on when I get home from taking my kid back to college.  As Woody mentioned please post your intentions.

5:30   turtles
5:40   hounds
5:50   hairs

Keep the rubber on the road and you hands on the handle bars.


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Thursday Rides

While I am out please post your ride intentions for Thursday’s. Any help would be appreciated.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Mike and Sherry’s Crystal Creek Bed Ride , Wednesday 8/15

we will ride from White House High School at the following times:

Turtles 5:25
Hounds 5:40
Hares 5:50

Social Hour at White House Pizza and Pub following the ride.

See you on the road,

Mike and Sherry

25 mile route

Monday, August 13, 2018

Ride from Beech, Tuesday, 8/14

We will ride at the following times:

Turtles 5:30
Hounds 5:45
Hares 5:55

Social Hour at Jonathans following the ride.

See you on the road,


25 mile route

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Saturday Ride, BGBG

With some of us volunteering early for the HEAT Kids Triathlon at the Y, we'll start from Bluegrass Bar & Grill, rendezvous with the volunteers at the Y and ride on from there as a group. Expecting the volunteers to be ready to ride by 9, I'm posting a 8:45 start for the routes.

8:45 start...
29 miles
38 miles, stores at 14, 29
49 miles, store at 30

If you want to start earlier and get some extra miles in, start this loop around Indian Lake Peninsula at 8:00 and then ride one of the routes shown above.

8:00 AM 12 mile Peninsula Prologue

Recovery at Bluegrass Bar & Grill.

Nashville Tomato Festival Saturday August 11

Bryan Kortness was a much loved and incredibly missed all around good guy and cycling ambassador who hosted several cycle outings. One of these, the Tomato Art Festival in East Nashville,  occurs this weekend. Some of the Turtles plan to ride from the Madison Lowes to the Nashville Tomato Festival and back to Lowes this Saturday. Start time is 10:00 am to accommodate some of us involved in the Kids Triathlon. Lunch at any one of many of eating places in East Nashville.
Route to. Return route is the reverse.

Anyone wanting to start earlier and do a longer route can head down Long Hollow pike to Two Mile Parkway and catch USBR 23 which will take you to the Festival.
It is to be a great weather Saturday so if a slow urban ride is not your pleasure, do ride somewhere.

Ride from SCHS Thursday 8/9

We will ride from SCHS Thursday 8/9

5:30 Turtles
5:40 Hounds
5:50 Hairs

SCHS Weeping, Happy Hollow 24

Woody's assistant


Monday, August 6, 2018

Mike and Sherry's Crystal Creek Bed Ride, Wednesday, 8/8/18

We will ride at the following times from White House High School:

5:30 Turtles
5:40 Tandem
5:50 All others

Social hour at White House Pizza and Pub following the ride.

See you on the road,

Mike and Sherry

25 mile route

Ride from Beech HS, Tuesday, 8/7/18

We will ride at the following times:

5:30 Turtles
5:40 Hounds
5:50 Hares

Social Hour at Jonathan's following the ride.

See you on the road,


25 mile route

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Call for Volunteers This Saturday for Kids Triathlon, Followed by Fogbee Ride

The Hendersonville Endurance Athletic Team are in need of volunteers for their 14th annual Kids Triathlon at the Sumner County YMCA on August 11. Our good friend, Charlene Alcorn, would like to have 10-12 Fogbees for stationary spots on the senior bike course. Volunteer check-in is at 6 AM, the race starts at 7 and we're usually done around 9.

If you would like to volunteer, please email Charlene,, or text her at 615.974. 3189 with your name and address...and post here so fellow volunteers know who's joining them. As in the past, we can plan our ride routes for the day to rendezvous at the Y, have the volunteers join in for the ride and then have post-ride recovery someplace nearby. Please consider giving a few hours so the kids can have a fun and safe race.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Saturday Ride, Gallatin at 8 AM

August, already? Summer's flying by. Better get on your bike. Come to Gallatin Stadium and take a ride up through eastern Sumner.

42 miles, store at 25
51 miles, store at 30
58 miles, store at 35

Recovery at Prince Street Pizza and Pub.

Thursday Nashville Ride, River Greenways

Departing 1100 Charlotte Avenue at 5:15.

River Greenways

Thursday 8/2 SCHS ride

We will ride from Station Camp High School Thursday.  I checked the school calendar and all the "round up's" are done so it should be less congested tonight.

5:30 Turtles
5:40 Hounds
If any hairs show up they can pull the hounds.


Liberty, Neals Collier 25  Yup it's a big figure 8

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Red Boiling Springs Fall Ride - October 26th, 27th 28th

UPDATED: August 7, 2018
Dates have been set and plans are being made for our annual fall ride and weekend to Red Boiling Springs. We are adding a ride option for Friday10/26 to make it a three day event for anyone that would like to ride up on Friday, ride local or back to Hartsville on Saturday to meet the Saturday riders. You do not have to do all three days. The Armour’s House with our host Dennis and Deb is blocked out the entire weekend for the FOGBEE’S, we also have the Donoho Hotel and Thomas House just down the road available.
We will be celebrating Sherry’s 60th Birthday on Saturday night. 
There is room for everyone!

Currently everyone that had a room last year at the Armour's Hotel is on the list for the same room as you had last year for Friday and Saturday night, Dennis would prefer an email ( to request changes, cancel or request a reservation.
NOTE: please post your intentions below, or contact me with an email or text 615-887-6382  Also if someone can help transport bags, and snacks on Friday and Saturday let me know. Special thanks to Knake and Miley for help with the Friday and Saturday routes and planning.
Currently confirmed for Friday ride option:
Bruce D. (calling all turtles..looking for additional riding company)
Harry P.
"58 Dlb D” Danny D.
Lindsay C.
Mike K.
Todd J.
Kate H.
Doc B.
Chris M.
Steve C. (Friday only)

Saturday Route Options:
RBS 51 Gainesboro
RBS 60 Gainesboro
RBS 77 Gainesboro

Sunday Return:
RBS 2018 Sunday
Hotel Information:
Armour's Hotel

Donoho Hotel:

Thomas House:


Mike and Sherry’s Crystal Creek Bed Ride, 8/1/18

We will ride from White House High School at the following times

5:30 Turtles
5:40 Tandem
5:50 All others

Social Hour at White House Pizza and Pub following the ride.

Mike and Sherry

24 Mile Route

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Wednesday night 5:20 Turtle Start White House HS

I plan to ride the same 26 mile ride Harry and I cut short last week. I need a margarita so we will go to De La Paz for post ride refreshments.

Tuesday Ride from SCHS, 7-31-2018

We will ride from Station Camp HS at the following times:
5:30 Turtles
5:40 Hounds
5:50 Hares

Social Hour at  Brixx following the ride.

See you on the road


24 mile SCHS Weeping Willow Pee Dee PO and back

Monday, July 30, 2018

Tuesday Nashville Ride, MCB2PWP

Weather permitting, we'll depart at 5:15 from 1100 Charlotte Avenue, heading west on the Music City Bikeway for a loop through Percy Warner Park for the first time in more than a month. Now offering a route with a shorter loop through the park, bypassing most of Mile 9 Hill.

26 miles
31 miles

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Saturday is the BRASS

One of the longest running rides in the Mid-South is right here in Hendersonville.  The 30th edition of the Bike Ride Across Scenic Sumner starts at 7AM from Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church on what will be a glorious morning. See you there.  Get the details here.

We'll decide on a recovery location at the start.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Tunnel Hill (Illinois) Ride -- Tuesday and Wednesday 7/31 and 8/1

The Old Terrapins (aka Retired Turtle Fogbees) are heading out to the Tunnel Hill State Trail on Tuesday 7/31. Ride starts at 10:00AM from about the middle of the trail at the trailhead in the town of Tunnel Hill.

We will ride to one end on Day 1 (probably Harrisburg), then retire to hotels in Marion, IL about 20 miles away for the evening. On Day 2 we will ride opposite direction. The current group of five are all staying at the Comfort Inn in Marion, but there are several other options, and all seem pretty close.

If you can get away midweek, we would love to have more company. Post a reply on the blog and we can get you more info. You will be responsible for your own lodging arrangements. If you want to carpool, post that on the blog as well and hopefully folks can match up.

I have included a link for more info about the trail. TUNNEL HILL STATE TRAIL

Thursday, July 5, 2018

St. Blaise Road Closure

Public Works will be replacing the storm culvert on St. Blaise between Long Hollow Pike and St. Blaise Court the week of July 9-13. The road will be closed in both directions for the week.  Plan your routes accordingly.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

3 day tour to Monticello KY July 5, 6,7.

Short notice for a short tour
Reposted from 6/10/18

Some of the Turtle contingent will be doing a short tour starting in Westmoreland and ending in Monticello, KY the weekend after July 4. Everyone is welcome to join. 

The only caveat is that riders must make own motel reservations and arrange a way back from Monticello. 

Thursday, June 21, 2018


On our recent Chattanooga ride, we had a bicyclist go head down on the pavement.  The bicyclist's choice of a good helmet was protection against serious injury.  Today, I received from Consumer Reports its safety rating for helmets which I am attaching.  SAFE helmets don't have to be costly; and, costly helmets aren't always that safe.  See the CR review rating below:

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Chattanooga Turtle Ride

A four of us (Sean, Ben, a friend, and TomE) from Chattanooga will be doing a Turtle Ride on Saturday (6/16/18) that will include the Riverwalk (starting at the dam to I24 and back), the greenway near the dam, a townie tour around U of T - Chattanooga campus, and one or two brewery stops.  Total distance will be around 40 miles, plus. You all are invited to join.  We want to start around 8AM to avoid the heat and have plenty of time for the brewery stops. Please post a comment if you are interested in joining us.

Follow this link for the details  

Please text me your cell phone # (to 615-691-0532) so I know how to contact you.  We will meet you at the dam at 8:00 (note start time change)

Friday, June 8, 2018

It is Not To Late!

There is still time to join the FOGBEES in Chattanooga for a fun and relaxing weekend. There are still rooms available at the Read House. Mike Knake has put together 3 awesome ride options, on Saturday choose from a 71 mile and a 58 mile route at a touring pace, and Sunday a 23 mile Tennessee River Walk ride along the Tennessee River.
See the post on Tuesday "Activities for Chattanooga Weekend Trip June 15-17" for all the latest updates.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Activities For Chattanooga Weekend Trip - June 15-17


FOGBEE Weekend Trip to Chattanooga by popular request the weekend of June 15-17.

No expectation for this weekend other than do what you may want. No one is expected to do what the "gang" may be doing.  Feel free to venture on your own around the city.  There is plenty to do.

Sherry will provide transportation to whatever y'all decide to do.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Pedal for Paws images.

Our professional photographer could not reschedule and our usual Fogbee backup is on a cruise. You can see the images done by the third stringer on Shutterfly at this link.

Please send me any photos you'd like added to the Pedal for Paws Shutterfly site.
Thanks to all for coming out. Special thanks to all who helped.