Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mayoral Race

1. What you should know: Some candidates are finding little support inside Hendersonville. They are being forced to raise money from sources outside our City.

2. What you can do to help: Sign this petition about campaign contributions and encourage your friends to sign it.

 Jamie Clary is a member of the Hendersonville Bike/Ped Committee and
original one of drafter of the Hendersonville Bike/Ped Master Plan

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Natchez Trace Parkway Ride May 22-30, 2016

Mary Hinton who some of you might remember from the inaugural USBR 23 ride is planning an eight day  ride of the entire Natchez Trace Parkway this Spring.  It's still in early planning phase. She plans to have van support and stay in B&B's. Anyone interested can post here and I'l put you in contact with her.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Saturday Ride, SCHS @ 9 AM

What a difference a week makes! From nearly 10 inches of snow to a ride finishing around 60 degrees. Come out and enjoy it on one these classic Fogbee routes around Gallatin.

37 miles, store at 25
39 miles, store at 28
51 miles, store at 39

Recovery at Bluegrass Bar & Grill

We have posted a Turtle version of this ride on the FB Group Page (Weekday Riders).

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wheel Bag??

A road trip this weekend warrants the need for a wheel bag or two, would there be a Fogbee in or around Hendersonville with one I could borrow this weekend??

Shoot me a text @615.218.2713

White House Ride - Thursday Jan 28th

White House Ride - Jan 28th at 1pm. Meet up at the Greenway Trailhead next to the animal shelter. Route not decided yet but it will be a 25-30 mile ride. Temp around 50 so it should be a nice afternoon for an outing for those that can make it. Roads should be dry and clear from the storm.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bike / Walk Committee

The Bike / Ped Committee website, Bike 'n Walk Hendersonville has been updated.  We invite your suggestions.  Check it out for the latest 
- What's Happening in Hendersonville (Sanders Ferry Bikeway, New H'ville Bike Lanes, etc)
- Who Pays for Roads
- New BLOG 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Another anti bicycle bill

 Tennessee legislature is back in session. A bill has been introduced to prohibit gas tax money from being used for any bicycle or pedestrian infrastructure. Bike Walk Tennessee is trying to get this killed in committee. Representative  Terri Lynn Weaver is a very crucial member representing the 40th TN congressional district. She is Chair of the Transportation subcommittee.  This will come up for a vote next Wednesday. If any of you know her or even reside in her district, please post or email me at bruceeday at gmail dot com.  Politicians pay much more attention to their constituents.

The bill

40th district map


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Friday, January 15, 2016

FOGBEE Spin 10:00am Saturday at YMCA

It's going to be cold so come Spin with DJ Gary at the Sumner Co YMCA. If you're not a member the  Friday Star News has a one day free coupon you can use.

FOGBEE Guys Hockey Night Out 2/4

Last chance to sign up for Guys night out for Hockey.  Currently going:
Mike K,  Phil,  Ed,  Woody,  Mark,  Doug,  Andrew.  Mark and I are  going down to the Ticket Office to purchase the tickets.  Pricing update is now at $75 for lower bowl end zone, all fees included.  If we can get to 15 the price would go to $64. Those of you who already paid $90 will get a refund. (Beer Money!)

Call me 615-431-9821, post here or text my cell.  We are only buying tickets for participants who have paid so get your $$ in by Monday MLK day.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Saturday Ride, Sam's at 9 AM

Yes, it's going to be nippy, but, hey, it's January. Dress right, and a couple hours ride will feel great.

28 miles
36 miles
Thursday 1/14 ride cancelled!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

FOGBEE Guys Preds Outing Feb 4, 2016

Last Thursday at Brixx there was a lot of interest in a Predator outing.  I looked at Tickets for February 4, (Preds vs Flyers) and with all the fees except the ticketmaster processing fee, there are several areas in the lower bowl where 10 tickets in either one or two rows are currently available.  The ticket cost is $85.09 plus the fee that I will estimate at $4/Ticket.  Tickets would be in section 102/103/118 or 119.  WE ARE TRYING TO GET A GROUP RATE.  FULL REFUND OF ANY OVERPAYMENT.   7 signed up we would like at least 3 more!  

What I propose is that if you want to go, please get me cash or check of $90 by Saturday January 16 (no IOU's, I'm retired!). If the cost is less, I will refund the difference night of game.

I will then buy the tickets and we will arrange rides and a pregame restaurant for all who want to attend.  Contact Doug Depew by posting here, calling, 615-431-9821 or text me on my reg cell.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Lock ring tool

I have purchased new ROL rims and have a Ultegra 11x28 cassette on the way. Does anyone have a lock ring tool that I can use late next week to put the gears on the new rim? Leave me a message with contact number if I can borrow this tool to put this together.

RIDE CANCELED Saturday Ride From Beach HS at 9:00AM

Ride canceled due to weather.

Just in case there is a break in the weather, we will ride from Beach at 9:00AM.   Recovery at Sam's following the ride.

Watch the blog to see if the ride will be canceled due to weather.

36 Mike Route  Water stop at 15

47 Mile Route  Water Stop at 15 and at the Dollar store on 25.

See you on the road,

Mike Knake

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

White House ride - Jan 7th at 1pm

White House Ride - Jan 7th at 1pm. Meet up at the Greenway Trailhead next to the animal shelter. Route not decided yet but it will be a 25-30 mile ride. Temps in the 50s so it should be a nice afternoon for an outing.

1/7/16 ride from Sam's @ 5:45

Per the current forecast, tomorrow evening looks to be favorable for a pleasant ride. 50° at 6:00 & 48 around 7:30. Come on out with your lights & blinkies. Sam's to Hwy 25 & back......

Paid Internship Offer

Do you know a college student interested in a paid internship with TDOT’s Bicycle and Pedestrian program this Summer?  If so, please pass this along and encourage them to apply at:

Jessica Wilson| Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator
TDOT - Multimodal Transportation Resources Division

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Membership Maintenance - Some say, "Goodbye?"

1/2/16 UPDATE: I have sent an email notice to people who have not responded to this earlier post.  I will be removing those listed on this post on January 15, 2016

Original Posting: 11/5/15, followup 12/6/15
As you all know we use the response to our email to determine who wish to continue to be on our membership list. I have compiled a list of those whom MailChimp says are non-responsive.  It could be for a couple of reasons:
1) We have the wrong email address -- Please send a note to
2) They opened the message in TEXT ONLY mode -- Please send a note to
3) The Newsletter ended up in their SPAM folder -- Please send a note to
4) They haven't open their email in a week -- We'll wait another month
5) They are no longer interested -- we'll remove them in January

If you know any of the following and know they don't want to be removed, please contact them to either open the Newsletter or send us a note at

Thanks for everyone's help to clear up our membership listing  I will remove the following people from our Membership Lists in the first week of January.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Saturday Ride (Frozen Toes II) - Gallatin Civic Center @ 9AM

What a start for 2016! We had a great New Year's Frozen Toes ride today and tomorrow will be just as nice. Let's take the opportunity to hit some great eastern Sumner County roads.

31 miles, store at 13
39 miles, store at 19
49 miles, store at 25

Recovery on the Gallatin Square: either Crescent City or Swaney Swift's. We'll decide at the start.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year's Day Frozen Toes Ride - SCHS @ 9AM

January 1 brings the traditional Frozen Toes Ride. The temp won't quite be down to the freezing point, but it will be close at the start. So put some clothes on and come out to Station Camp High to ring in the New Year.

40 miles, store at 25
46 miles, store at 31

Recovery at Sam's.

White House ride New Years Eve

White House Ride on New Years Eve. Greenway Trailhead at 1 pm on Thursday, Dec 31st. Route - College St., N.Palmers, S.Palmers, Shun Pike, 76, Maxwell Branch, Tom Link, Halltown, W. Hester, Shun Pike, Fern Valley, N.Palmers, College St., back to the Trailhead. Approx 25 miles. See you at 1. Temps will be mid 40s so dress appropriately.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

DeFeet Arm Warmers, Gloves & Shoe Covers are in

I will be at Sam's at 5:30 tonight prior to the 5:45 ride with shoe covers, arm warmers, and gloves that were ordered.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Tuesday 12/29 ride from Sam's @ 5:45

Dave can't make it tomorrow night so I get the honor of posting the ride. Jones, Jenkins, Anderson, Station Camp, Upper S C, Liberty to Hwy 25 & back. Don't forget your lights & blinkies.....

White House ride on Tues, Dec 29th

Ride from White House Greenway on 31W (next to the Animal Hospital). 1:00 PM Tuesday 12/29. Route will be the typical White House ride on Wednesday nights. 31W, College St, N. Palmers, S. Palmers, Shun Pike, W. Hester, Thompson Ln, Moore Link, Hollis Chapel, Wilson Rd, Penny Morris, Dink Rut, Halltown Rd, New Deal Potts Rd, Tom Link, Maxwell Br, 76, Shun Pike, Fern Valley, N Palmers, College St, 31W. Approximately 27 miles. Only 50 degrees so dress appropriately. Hopefully the roads will be mostly dry after the rain today. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sunday ride from White House

The weather looks like it will cooperate for a Sunday afternoon ride. It is forecast to be in the 70s so come enjoy the nice temperature with me. Start from White House City Park at 1 pm on Sunday, Dec 27th. My favorite route - College St., N.Palmers, S.Palmers, Shun Pike, 76, Maxwell Branch, Tom Link, Halltown, W. Hester, Shun Pike, S. Palmers, N.Palmers, College St., back to the City Park. Approx 25 miles. There is plenty of parking available in the City Park. I suggest using the parking area right behind the fire station. See you at 1 if you can make it.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Need a wheel

Does anyone have an extra rear wheel I can buy/borrow? My tire size is 700x25. I'd like to setup my trainer and rather than change tires each time I'd like to have a separate wheel set for the trainer. Doesn't need to be a great shape. Any help greatly appreciated. You can contact me by email

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Much thanks

To the FOGBees...I retired in Jan 2015 and one of my retirement goals was to get back into biking. I picked White House because I felt it was a great small town that would provide a lot of biking opportunities. Thanks to the generosity of the members of this group I am farther along than I could have imagined after riding for only 7 months. One particular member I owe a great deal is Jerry Dunaway. He let me use one of his bikes (for months) after moving into White House and as they say "I was hooked". He didn't know me at that time but that didn't stop him from being a great neighbor. Thanks to all the FOGBees for helping me get into a sport I hope to do for a long time. Merry Christmas to the FOGBees and their families.

Been There, but never done that!