In 2019, the volume of trouble reports with the Fogbee Blog has increased.  We added this page to list what members are experiencing along with possible solutions.

Modern websites use "responsive" formats which automatically adjust to the viewport of the device.  Our current blog format does not incorporate "responsive" coding.  It is based on a fixed desktop viewport and looks the same on all devices. The mobile version which we have since abandoned due unsolvable issues also relied on a fixed viewport which was a degraded alternative to the desktop viewport.

List of topics on this page: (Updated 12/30/19)

Use of Captcha

Google added Captcha to COMMENTING several years ago to block attacks by internet robots.  Blog administrators cannot remove it.

Since its inclusion, Google's Captcha has gone through several revisions until the current reCaptcha version 3. With the numerous changes, responding to it confuses some users.

Here is how to use the current version.
1) Click on the Comments link along the bottom of a post.
2) Google displays the following pop-up
3) Click on the box "I'm not a robot" at the bottom of the screen.
4) Google displays a captcha graphic similar to that below:
5) Click on ALL the boxes that shows any portion of the requested image, such as crosswalks. Sometimes an image will be replaced after you click on it.  Keep clicking on boxes with the requested image until each box with the image is checked OR until no portion of the image appears in any box.  Then click the VERIFY button on the lower right.
6) Google may repeat with another request or take you to the login screen.  If you get another captcha graphic, just repeat step 5 until Google takes you to the login screen.
7) Login in with your Fogbee Google account credentials
8) If you entered the correct credentials, Google will return you to the COMMENT popup where you can enter your comment.
9) Note in the above popup, the line below "Comments on this blog are restricted to team members."  It should display your registered name with Fogbee blogger.
10) Enter your comment in the "Leave your comment" box and click either "Preview" or "Publish your comment".

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Changes to Fogbee Blog

12/29/19 Date of Change
Because blog problems associated primarily with the mobile version of the Fogbee blog,
we returned the blog to a desktop only version.  This version also works on mobile devices.  If you are still seeing a mobile version, refresh your screen and/or clear your cookies and cache. Link to Post and Comments

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Issues with Apple Products

12/27/19: Can anyone help me figure out how to post to the Fogbee blog on my cell phone since they shut down Google+? (I'm guessing that's the problem) I used to be able to post from my phone but now all I get for a sign-in option (at the bottom of the comment page) is "Google Account" but it won't give me the option to sign in. Currently, any posting or replies to post has to be done on my computer.  Link to Post and Comments

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Issues Android Products


  • Mobile version does not show login credentials on Comment pop-up with Chrome browser.
  • Mobile version crashes when attempting to publish a Comment after changing login.
  • Mobile version does not work for publishing Comments with Chrome browser. Usually works with Firefox browser.

BLOGGER APP for Cell Phones

The Play Store has a Blogger App (Samsung and Apple) that provides a SUPER easy way to POST directly to the FOGBEE blog.  The following is what one might experience with the Samsung version.

Just tap on the Blogger App icon, the phone logs in (once setup) and shows a list of posts by title.

Next tap on the post title and the app shows the post content, but sorry NO comments.

Tap on the edit icon on the bottom right of the screen and the app opens a window where you can enter a "post title", your "post", and a "label."  The tap the send icon in the upper right and your note is sent to the Fogbee blog.

This is much TOO easy.

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