Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bring InThe New Year Ride, Jan. 1st

Due to popular demand, we will ride from Bluegrass Bar and Grille at noon on Wednesday, Jan. 1st.  Late night News Years Eve partying no excuse.  We will do a 30 mile ride.

See You There,

Mike   Knake

31 Mile Route

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ate too much, drank too much, need to ride Rde-Saturday, Dec 28th

Saturday looks like a good time to rid yourself of some of those bad radicals that you have been storing over the last few weeks. We will shoot for a 10:00start time from Bluegrass Bar and Grille.  I will post two routes of about 30 and 40 miles by Friday.  Ride will be followed by food and beverage at Bluegrass Bar and Grille.

See you on the road,

Mike Knake

30 Mile Route

36 Mile Route

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Frostbite Run - January 1'st

Sumner County YMCA Frostbite 5k & 10k
Wednesday, January 1
8:00am- Registration
9:00am- Kid's 1 Mile Fun Run ($5.00)
9:30am- 10k ($30.00 or $35.00 on Raceday)
9:45am- 5k ($30.00 or $35.00 on Raceday) 
10:45am- Frostbite Freeze ($10.00)

Register to Run here: ; or pick up a registration form at the Sumner County YMCA.

Can't Run? Don't wanna Run? In town? 
Still wanna be a part of the excitement?

Bring your New Years Eve Noise makers, Christmas Bells, Cowbells, Family Friendly Music, a big travel mug of something HOT and wear your craziest warm hat!
The Frostbite 10k/5k Course Volunteers have almost as much fun as the runners themselves! PLUS! get a free shirt!

Email me at: if you can volunteer.

Charlene Alcorn, Frostbite Volunteer Coordinator

Monday, December 16, 2013

Another video from the Christmas Lights Ride

Indian Lake Peninsula Living

. . The FOGBEES in a joint effort with Biker's Choice Bike Shop have re-launched the Bike 'n Walk Hendersonville website ( and is providing a monthly biking column in the social magazine Indian Lake Peninsula Living.  The first article issued in December.  In case you didn't receive a copy in the mail.  CLICK HERE for a copy.  The focus is to promote bicycling as it relates to Indian Lake Peninsula. What topics would you like to see covered (or write) in this column?
. . Bike 'n Walk Hendersonville was formed by the Hendersonville Greenway Committee in 2005.  The committee has provided guidance to Hendersonville Planning Department in the creation of the city's Streets of Indian Lake Greenway and the Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan in the city's 2009 "Land Use and Transportation Plan."
. . The Hendersonville Greenway Committee was formed as part of the Hendersonville Tomorrow Committee (more info) and, after it submitted its recommendations to the city in 2006, officially disbanded. 
. . In 2012 Metro Nashville MPO started providing funding to be used specifically for active transportation projects.  In our area, money was given to White House to create the bike lanes on 31W and 76 and to Sumner County to add greenway trails in the Station Camp schools area.  In 2013 TDOT has offered $10 Million for Active Transportation projects.  Hendersonville was unable to participate.  In 2014 TDOT will be offering another $10 Million and the MPO $12.1 Million for Active Transportation Projects.   
Without significant volunteer and community support, 
it isn't going to happen for Hendersonville. 
We again don't anticipate Hendersonville participating in this funding opportunity.  If you are interested is helping, please contact us at

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Xmas Light Ride

You guys and girls looked AWESOME! Nice job.

Another Great Performance

. . Each year the FOGBEE Christmas Lights Ride only gets better because of everyone's fantastic contributions.  We have many new and creative costumes/floats, we have past themes with an extra string of lights added, more elves show up to assist, and the post ride party (even Gary singing) gets more festive.
. . David Evjens, one of the organizers of the St Nicholas Ball, said, "The FOGEES are great.  We have to make their visit to the Ball an annual tradition."
. . The caroling went well and was appreciated at every stop, especially for the little girl whose birthday present from the FOGBEES was a chorus of "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer."
. . Special thanks go to Sgt. Mike Germany of the Hendersonville Police Department who provided for our escort.  The flashing blue lights of the police car warned all that something special was coming. AND you all were truly special this year.  Thanks to Bob, Gary, and the cast of FOGBEE actors who braved the cold and misty evening to make this ride a unique and not-to-be missed annual event.  There was a rumor that the Hendersonville Star News was at the party taking pictures. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Today's words necessary. ..

(Not pictured Mike K. , Joe, Jeff and me)



Please CLICK HERE to download a detailed copy of the Christmas Lights Ride plan. Check with Gary and Bob for last minute info.  They'll be at the YMCA between 10 and 11AM.  Have a great ride and remember ALL bicyclists must have helmets and lights and be ready to ride by 5:30PM at Blue Grass Bar & Grill parking lot.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Who says Santa Fogbee, Santa Deer and Red Nose Reindeer can't run a 5k...

No Excuses!

The rain is scheduled to move out by Saturday afternoon AND the evening will not be so horribly cold that you choose to miss the holiday fun at the Christmas Lights Ride, the caroling, and the partying at Blue Grass Bar and Grill. Even if you failed to decorate your bike, don't fret.  Grab a couple of glow sticks, pin them to your parka, throw on that bike spot light and join the tens of thousands (well maybe just the tens) at this unique ride.   
Santa's making his list 
and if you know Gary you know I am not kidding.  While you're at it, its not to late to add a toy or two to Gary's Christmas tree and help a child enjoy Christmas.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Saturday Morning Spin at the Bikers Choice

This Saturday, with the bad weather once again rolling in, we will be opening up the Bikers Choice at 8:00 for an early morning spin group. If you want to ride your bike and have a trainer, bring it down to the store and join Bryan for an hour of trainer riding. He will put some fun mountain bike videos on the tv and you can set your own pace and level of exercise. Trainer riding with friends and fellow riders is a lot more fun than sitting at home alone on the bike so come down and join us this Saturday at our Hendersonville location. We should have room for 10-15 riders.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Christmas Miracle? Who TWINKLED Gary's Tree

Here it is again.
Gary has been blaming the Blog Administrator.
WE are innocent.
We don't have the software.

BUT, it is OUR guess
that the guilty party has initials D.R.
aka, producer of great Christmas videos.

Gary says, "It's a Christmas Miracle!
If reindeer can fly, why can't my tree
spontaneously twinkle?"

He is now expecting to 
walk out of his office and 
see this little tree buried in 
Toys for Tots, Tweens, and Teens
especially gifts for the older boys.

Santa's Makin' His List

You have less than one week 
to get that bike decorated and
get me some toys for our BIG Annual 

I have made my list and checking it twice,
but I know where you live. I expect to see you on
December 14'th at 5:30PM

I also expect to see you at our
Annual Christmas Party
at The Blue Grass Bar & Grill 
after we spread holiday cheer.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday Spin success

Tom B not included....

Rudoph Says, "Ya Better Be Good"

It's cold enough to freeze the hoofs of a reindeer.
So Rudolph is spending the day
putting lights on the ole sleigh.
Can never have too many for
Christmas Lights Ride
through Hendersonville on

He is also planning to chow down at the
Annual Christmas Party at
Blue Grass Bar and Grill

He said,
"Santa's taking attendance."

Friday, December 6, 2013

A Message From Sarah and Demetrius

The BIG repeat is scheduled for DECEMBER 14'th. DON"T MISS IT.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Saturday Morning Spin Hour at The Bikers Choice

We are looking at some pretty bad weather this upcoming weekend so I would like to invite everyone who is not a YMCA member to come join me Saturday morning at the Bikers Choice in Hendersonville for a 1 hour trainer spin ride inside the store. Bring your bike and your trainer down and we will be running a fitness video for an hour at 8:00. This is a great opportunity to get in some exercise in a group setting without having to suffer outside in the cold and wet. We will have space for approximately 10 riders, possibly more if we move things around so come down and join me for some company doing an indoor ride!

Bike Accident Map for Metro Nashville

CLICK HERE for Interactive Google Map

Monday, December 2, 2013


Kelly and I want to thank everyone for their assistance, support, visits, good wishes and prayers, at the scene, the hospitals and from afar, following my crash Friday. I was discharged yesterday and am feeling much better. I need to follow up with the neurologist to determine how long I'll be off the bike, but my guess it will be numbered in weeks. It wasn't the Thanksgiving weekend we planned on, but we were reminded how grateful we are for our dear Fogbee friends. Happy Holidays to you all!


THE FOGBEES, as you know, are sponsoring 11 children who won't have a Christmas without our help and we only have 2 weeks to get these gifts to the Ms. Eula Vaughn at the Juvenile Court. This year we will brighten the lives of the following:
Males- ages- 13, 12, 9, 6 and two 1 year old twins
Females- ages- 14, 13, 7, 5 and 4
OUR FOGBEE TREE AT MY OFFICE IS WAITING FOR YOUR DONATION. Please help and bring your gift to 131 Maple Row Blvd, Suite A-101 between the hours of  9am -5pm , M-F or to the Xmas light ride on Sat. Dec. 14 at 5:30 pm. If you have any questions call or contact me at or 943-2606. Thank you.