Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hadley Bend Connector Inquiry/Response

Hey Gang,

I sent comments along to Liz Beeching at TDOT on the HBC and received a response this morning. I think she addressed the inquiry well but we could still use more folks sending comments and I included Ms. Beeching's contact info with her response.

Tim (Nik the Stik)

I am a cyclist who rides with a group out of Sumner County and one of our members, Dave Miley, attended the 8/14 meeting at Station Camp on the HBC proposal. Dave gave us some details on the meeting via a blog post that mentioned bicycle facilities may be a part of the project.

Having started some road cycling within the last year with an eye toward improving my commute and errand running options, as well as just getting out to ride, I am for anything, even toll roads, that will improve the opportunities for cyclists (and pedestrians) to be integrated into the transportation fabric of our state.

Some of our major arterials and collectors in the Nashville MSA, such as US 31 (E and W) and US 41, are not only horrible for cyclists but also motorists as well, with shoulders that are pitifully constructed or non-existent. Those that are ample for cyclists are so poorly maintained that cyclists do not want to ride on them for fear of major equipment damage and/or flat tires from debris.

So if toll roads are the answer, even with cyclists paying equally as drivers, or prorated down in relation to our superior road impact costs over automobiles, for access, they have my vote.
Thank you for your comments on the Hadley Bend Connector and tolling. Although TDOT saw some support for the Hadley Bend Connector during public meetings held this summer, there was also a strong sentiment from those against this project. The General Assembly requires strong public support for any proposed toll pilot project. The Commissioner is committed to this requirement therefore further tolling work on the Hadley Bend Connector will not occur. The issues relating to bicycle and pedestrian mobility you discuss are very important not only in tolling applications, but also on a broader level for all transportation infrastructure. While this project will no longer be studied as a potential toll facility, it may still hold value as a needed piece of transportation infrastructure. TDOT will support the Nashville Metropolitan Planning Organization's leadership in any further study of this project.

Again, thank you for your comments. I will be sure to include them in the record of public input for tolling.

Best regards,

Liz Beeching
Tolling Coordinator
Suite 700 J.K. Polk Building
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243-0349
Main: (615) 253-2104
Cell: (615) 587-8246

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fogbee Wannabe

A free roaming horse joined the Tuesday Fogbee ride as we made our way along Willow Rd. The horse was ignoring us till Phil called out to him/her. I never got close enough to see. Tom B thinks he was hoping to join us for a beer. The image above taken with my cell phone shows the horse chasing after Phil. Really, it does. Now to file this away with my images of Bigfoot.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Last reminder of Fall Ride

I know it's a while, but tomorrow is last day to definitely get room at Garden Inn. After more research, the route and plans remain the same. So if you plan to do the fall ride, call tomorrow. Then we can put it to bed till after the Jack and back.

I did some scouting by automobile for the Fall ride for November 15,16. 1. The Garden Inn in Monterey will only hold the rooms exclusively for us till August 19, next Tuesday. The benefits are a reduced rate of $125/night per couple. That includes room and breakfast, not the Sat evening meal. The usual rates are $135 and $145/night. The negative is the reduced rate is non cancelable whereas the regular rate is cancelable with a $25 penalty. Currently Phil and I have reservations. You can check out the rooms at http://www.thegardeninnbb.com/guestrooms.shtml/ 2. The first day route is tough with a very hard climb for 3.5 miles right at the end. I plan to ride the last 18 miles from Sparta to Monterey and loop back via Allgood tomorrow just to see how hard it is on a bike. I will also check out Monterey for places to eat Saturday night. Anyone who desires to ride with me is welcome. I know we will need to plan pickup about 4 miles from the end but the entire stretch from Sparta to Monterey looked pretty hard from behind the wheel. In summary, the route is still under consideration but if anyone wants to assure a place at the Garden Inn in Monterey, they need to call soon. Only eight places left. Garden Inn 931-839-1400

Want a Toll Road with Bike Lanes to Old Hickory & Opryland? Tell TDOT

I passed on last Thursday's ride to attend the TDOT meeting on the proposed Hadley Bend Connector - a toll road that would connect West Main St., SR-45 in Old Hickory and Briley Parkway north of Orpyland. This project is in competition with other proposals to be one of two pilot projects authorized by the recent tollway legislation, and TDOT is holding meetings to get public input. Most of the attendees were in favor, as am I, to offer an alternative to I-65/SR-386 for motorists.

My primary motive for attending however was to state for the record what this proposal could provide cyclists and to ask if facilities or access for cyclists were being considered. Those familiar with the greenways near Opryland know that a cyclist can go east on the Stones River greenway to Percy Priest Dam or can take the greenway bridge west to Shelby Bottoms to downtown. Imagine getting there with a 7 mile ride from Hendersonville on bike safe lanes - sure beats Gallatin Road.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear the TDOT rep say that bike facilites are a possibility and that it's easier to accomodate those in new construction. (Oh to go back to when Indian Lake Blvd. was new construction.)

Let TDOT know what you think at: mailto:TDOT.Comments@state.tn.us

For more info on the project go to: www.tdot.state.tn.us/documents/tollstudy/HadleyBend.pdf

Fall Foliage Tour

Proposed Dates: November 15,16, 2008 Picked for out of town Titans game.
Stay at Garden Inn, Monterey, TN Picked because it's reportedly nice.
1. Drive to and park vehicles at County offices, Smithville, TN. Picked because it goes through nice area and is pretty flat for TN. A killer hill last mile but near enough for rabbits/spouses to fetch up those in need. Food stop at Rock Island or Sparta.

Spouses/SO's drive directly to Monterey or whatever they prefer.

2. Return Sunday to Smithville, via Cookeville. Relatively short, scenic enough with food stop in Cookeville.

The Garden Inn has limited rooms (11) so if we have need for more, there is a problem. I thought there was a motel in Monterey but can't find it on the net. I may have been thinking of Crossville.


Garden Inn

Day 1 route
Day 2 route

Some of the roads are new to me, at least in the last 10 years, so I plan to scout them out, as well as visit the Garden Inn. However, I am relatively confident of the lodging and route so unless someone points out a deal killer, will make my reservations in the next month.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

FOGBEE Party - BIG Success

With help from Renee', the coiffured DJ Extra-ordinaire Gary leads FOGBEES to a night of fun.

For more pictures click here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When Will We Ever Learn

Fat old guys & Fine old gals,
Last night's ride was invigorating as we chased the sun to squeeze in one more thirtyish mile ride before summer is over. Unfortunately, darkness closed in on a few who were either still out on the road or were searching for presumed "lost sheep". As the delegated ride leader, I feel responsible for the unusual shot gun conclusion to an other wise well concieved ride. I allowed us to modify the ride after the start thinking that the fast group and the not so fast group were together respectively. All said and done , I apologize for the craziness that resulted last night. If anyone should know the disappointment of finishing a ride alone , then I am that person. So as to avoid repeats of last night's events, I recommend that we adhere to the mutual agreement that ride routes not be altered unless EVERYONE who started the ride is fully aware of the proposed change. It's a simple thing to do. It is the safe thing to do. It will insure that no one ever rides alone on one of our FOGBEE or FOGBEE Lite biking excursions. Just my take on it for what it's worth.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Phone Number Share

We have had a request for FOGBEES to Share cell phone numbers, for contacting each other about riding, and for use in emergencies on the road. I will compile a list and email it to those who want to share. This will allow you to share only if you want to. If you want to be included please email bikenwalk@comcast.net and include your:


Let's make a deadline of August 22 if you want to be included and receive an emailed copy.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Graffiti Road ride images

Thanks to David M for leading this one again. Hear the Lites had 15 riders! Unedited images of the Graffiti ride are at Snapfish.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fogbees take second place!

The Fogbees are already known to have the good looks when it comes to bike clubs but Tuesday night they also showed that they got the brains! The underrated team of Bruce, Brett, Renee, Gary, Andrew, Doug and Mr. Miley "held on" at Big Lou's last night in the "Battle of the Trivia Beer Drinkers" contest and took a $25.00 second place gift certificate to be used on Saturday after the ride at Big L's.
Several miscues led the Fogbees team to lose by 10 overall points including Gary's bumbling failure to wager any points the first 2 questions (which we got right but got no points!); Doug's over confidence when he "swore" he knew what year the 49'ers beat the Bengals ( he wasn't even close!) and Brett's final question bombshell when he missed the question "What was the name of the venue where the Blue's Brothers played (the song "rawhide")? The answer was not "Cowboy Bob's! Still, Bruce's amazing "Red Badge of Courage" and my "Billy Preston" answer had the crowd hating us even more,but in the end, too many miles, too much beer and a guy who knew what the "golden egg cup" teams were was too much for the Fogbees. Like they say "There's always next Tuesday"

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Swap Shop Works!

In two days I have already sold the biking shoes and water bottle holders. You all should try the site and post your unused bike equipment as there is a market out there.

Exchange or find pre-used stuff on SWAP SHOP. Send it to Fogbees@Gmail.com and we put it on this Web Page.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Comments from Frank Bowyer

. . . We're about to lose the bridge over 386. It currently has 2 lanes with shoulder space, but will soon be 3 lanes with no shoulder space. Much worse, the northbound will consist of 2 lanes to ease traffic on ILB. What makes this worse is that such a proposal is not safe for cyclists to ride in the area around the on/off ramps in order to head north on Drakes Creek Rd.
. . . I need your input. Who do you support for Sumner County Commissioner, and why? Let me know based on your experience and knowledge of these candidates' actions. The choices are Anthony Holt, Ragan Hall and Paul Goode (is it Paul?). I'm registered as a delegate for the Republican caucus, which will be held at the Taj Mahal on 8/16.

Frank Bowyer IV