Friday, January 30, 2009

Administrative Note

Some how several of the images that appear with this BLOG got wiped out. I guess around Tuesday. I have restored those that appear here, but I have noticed that some personal icons are gone and that Tim's (Nik-the-Stk) blog is showing similar loss (I think he linked to the images on the FOGBEE blog). For those of you with Administrative Privileges on the FOGBEE Google Accounts (e-mail, Picasa, Calendar, and Blog), please be careful. All these applications share the same one & only ID and Password (e.g. Blog images are saved on Picasa).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update on Randy

First of all, let me state that Randy wanted to thank all for your thoughts and prayers sent his way. :o)
He has FINALLY had his open heart surgery this morning (Jan 27) and seems to be doing well. (at 8:30pm he had already had the tube removed and was awake and alert---big difference from last time!) The surgery was moved up to today from Feb 4th (thank God!) due to some ER visits he had because of bp inconsistencies. He was glad to move it up and I think it was a better choice.
Bruce, the Dr. was Dr. Clay, (your friend might know him...btw, saw in a report down here that Stan was first Dr. here to perform OH surgery in 1981!)
anyway, Randy was eager to get back on a bike or run, (won't be for awhile) but Dr. says he will ride again! :o)

Cyclist Hurt in Dog Accident

I was really thinking about coming out on Sat to meet yall, I had ridden once before with Bob, Phillip, Christy and Daphne but I couldnt wait til afternoon. On Jan 24, at 0925 ~18mph a dog about 2/3 size of a shepherd ran in between my front wheel and frame. I managed to seperate myself from the bike and only suffered a right shoulder AC Seperation. I need a new helmet and Doc says a couple months to recovery. Bike needs some parts but it will survive. I was getting tired of the old bike and helmet.
Yall watch out for the dogs. It happened at the intersection of Butler Road and Fountain Head in Portland. I know the dogs, I've been chased by them before. I am aware of the state law, although it does little good, folks out here don't really pay attention. I have filed a police report and animal control is going to locate the owner.

Curtis Mcmahon


Hey Gang!
I have a request. I have recently been 'convinced' (volunteered) to coach baseball for the Civitan Spring baseball league in Hendersonville. While I am anxious to put my energy to good use to help the kids, I do need help in one area….....
Each coach is responsible for finding a team sponsor. If any of you know of an organization that might be interested in sponsoring a team in a high profile and competitive Hendersonville league, please let me know. We are looking for a sponsorship of $350.00. Thanks in advance for your suggestions or help!


Monday, January 26, 2009

Regional Bike and Pedestrian Planning

The Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is seeking citizen participation in the development of a comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. Residents of Davidson, Rutherford, Sumner, Wilson and Williamson counties – plus the cities of Spring Hill and Springfield – are invited to complete an online survey located at Residents are asked to share their thoughts and priorities for making their communities more walk and bike friendly.

Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Will Be Developed
Through Community Involvement
Survey Seeks Input from Residents in Five-County Area

Nashville, TN - A comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for the greater Nashville region is currently in development by the Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). The MPO is working with local governments, businesses, non-profit organizations, and the general public to prepare the plan, which will help establish bicycle and pedestrian transportation priorities for Davidson, Rutherford, Sumner, Wilson and Williamson counties, plus the cities of Spring Hill and Springfield.

Citizens can quickly and easily share their input on the project by participating in an online survey. The survey, located at, provides an opportunity for residents and others in the region to share their thoughts and priorities for making communities in the greater Nashville region more walkable and bike-friendly. Data collected from the survey will be used to plan future bike routes, bike lanes, sidewalks, and greenways and highlight existing facilities in need of improvement.

Bike lanes, bike paths, greenways, sidewalk improvements, and interconnectivity of existing non-motorized transportation routes are all part of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan that will be developed over the next several months. When completed, the plan will become part of the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan that will set funding and project priorities in the region for the next several decades.

“Bicycle and pedestrian transportation facilities are important in any growing region,” explains Leslie Meehan, Project Manager with the Nashville Area MPO. “When you consider the congestion on Nashville’s highways, taking a percentage of travelers off the road by creating safe routes for those who want to bicycle or walk to work, school, or on shopping trips is vital. More than 40% of car trips nationwide are two miles or less. Most people can bicycle two miles or walk one mile in 15-20 minutes. So, walking and bicycling can be convenient, healthy, and environmentally friendly all at the same time.”

Development of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is being conducted by the MPO with assistance from RPM Transportation Consultants, LLC. Firms on RPM’s team are Hawkins Partners, Inc., Sprinkle Consulting, and Varallo Public Relations, LLC.

“Community involvement is an essential part of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan,” adds Meehan. “Two rounds of public meetings are scheduled in each county to gather feedback from citizens living in the community. The first round of meetings will be held in February 2009. These meetings will help the MPO understand each community’s existing walking and biking opportunities, areas within the specific local area that would benefit from bicycling and pedestrian facilities, and obstacles to non-motorized transportation.”
-- more --

Location and time of each meeting will be announced locally in each county and has been posted on the project website at Additionally, a “blog” has been created as a forum for discussion of bicycle and pedestrian issues; it can be found at

The Nashville Area MPO is the regional planning organization federally established to carryout transportation planning within the greater Nashville region. The MPO’s policy board is comprised of local elected Mayors and County Executives which guide federal and state funded transportation projects such as roads, bridges, sidewalks and bikeways, and transit within the greater Nashville region.

RPM Transportation Consultants, LLC, provides traffic engineering and transportation planning services to a wide range of public, private and institutional clients. A recognized leader in bicycle and pedestrian planning design, RPM has established a reputation over the past 20 years for providing innovative solutions to non-motorized transportation projects.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reminder: Land Use and Transportation Plan Closing Presentation - Monday Evening

The consulting firm will present their findings and recommendations at 6:30 pm, Monday, January 26th, at the Hendersonville Library. Yesterday morning they said there had been a strong turn out in support of bike/pedestrian improvements. Thanks to all who participated. I'm anxious to see what the planners have come up with. Come if you can.

Next, we have to stress to the mayor, aldermen and other authorities that the plan needs to be executed and become a reality!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Moving this to the top so others may read and respond. We need at least one more committment - This will be a nice trip.

French Lick Springs hotel is where we plan to stay for our May 1, 2 and 3rd outing. This should be really nice, but it is not cheap. To get these rates we must commit to 10 rooms for 2 nights. What I mean by commit is one of us must sign a contract and guarantee the 10 rooms on a credit card. The regular rate for weekend nights at the hotel is $189 plus tax and a $12 resort fee. I have negotiated a $159 rate plus tax resort fee included. (approx $174 vs $220/night) We can also get double rooms for 4 people at $169 per night but we still must have 10 rooms. The resort fee is charged for use of putting greens, gym, swimming pool, hot tub, shuttle service, and a bunch of other amenities that I don't remember now but we get it free with a group rate.

The hotel is a resort recently upgraded for $500 million. It has 9 dining options, shops, riding stables, shuttle to the casino tours etc. Go to and look at all the amenities.

We will plan rides according to who signs up. We can have a Lite Ride Saturday and Sunday and a longer regular ride Saturday arranged to ensure a good time for all riders.

What we need is commitment for 10 rooms and I am willing to sign the contract and coordinate paying for the 10 rooms but I will need the cash for the rooms before I sign for this dollar amount. We can get more rooms, but 10 is the minimum for a group rate and discount. They indicated that they book up up to 60 days in advance so we need to act soon to get our rooms reserved and in a block.

If we don't have enough interest for 10 rooms, we can get a flat 10% off the $189 with AAA discount, but we will have to pay the resort fee.

OK FOGBEES this should be a really nice weekend, and if it is a weather bust, we can still enjoy a fine resort and casino -- BUCK UP AND SIGN UP!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Time is running out please post if you would to be the first on you block to own a Fogbee hat. I will place the order on Tuesday morning.

Thanks to a great suggestion by Phil. We now have the FOGBEE hat. These are going to be embroidered by a local shop in Hendersonville. The cost for 1 hat is about $25 dollars. If we order 10 or more hats we can get them for $16.50 each.

I am going to order a couple of hats. Would anyone like to join me and take advantage of the discount. We have 3 color options Carolina Blue (matches the Fogbee Jersey) Royal Blue and Black.

Please respond if you would like to order by Jan 24
I will collect the money by Jan 31 and place the order
Delivery 1-2 weeks mid Feb

The link will show the hat we will be ordering

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Interim Report, Land use and Transportation

There was a good turn out for the meetings today, most of which had some bearing on cycling. David Hardin as well as some area cyclists I did not know and a bunch of non cyclists were also present. We had ample opportunity to voice our wishes. The only downer was when discussing paying for our wishes. They strongly encouraged going for the Safe Routes to Schools grants.
The 6:30 wrap up sessions are followed by open 1 on 1 time with the consultants so I encourage anyone who wants a say in future development to attend one Thursday or Friday. Monday is the overall wrap. Whatever the outcome, speaking up here has much more chance of affecting the city than yelling at the SUV that just brushed you on Drakes Creek Road.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Participation in Planning Process

If cycling community doesn't get more proactively involved in government processes we can expect to see more "ban bike" activities. Hendersonville is conducting its long range transportation planning this week. How many of you are attending these meetings?
From "near the equator."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bill to ban bikes on River Road in Nashville

This just in from the TN Bike Advocates Google Group. If this passes it will set a precedent for restricting cycling anywhere we are a nuisance to cars. That's about everywhere but prime local candidates would be Indian Lake Blvd, Saundersville Road, Cages Bend, Shute Lane, Forest Retreat, Center Point etc. An email, letter or phone call opposing this to our State Senators and Representatives would be in order

They can be found at
.... This House Bill that was just introduced
and would make it illegal for cyclists to ride on River Rd. in
Davidson/Cheatham Co. This is a state route......

By Moore
AN ACT to amend Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 55,
Chapter 8, relative to operation of bicycles on
SECTION 1. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 55-8-172, is amended by
deleting the
present language in its entirety and by substituting instead the
following language:
(a) Subject to the provisions of subsection (b), every person riding a
upon a roadway is granted all of the rights and is subject to all of
the duties applicable to
the driver of a vehicle by this chapter and chapter 10, parts 1-5 of
this title, except as to
special regulations in §§ 55-8-171 — 55-8-177, and except as to those
provisions of this
chapter and chapter 10, parts 1-5 of this title that by their nature
can have no application.
(b) No person shall operate a bicycle on any segment of River Road in
County between United States Highway 70 / State Route 24 (Charlotte
Pike) and the
Cheatham County line.
(c) A violation of this section is a Class C misdemeanor.
SECTION 2. The department of transportation is directed to erect
suitable signs or affix
suitable markers on the segment of River Road in Davidson County
between United States
Highway 70 / State Route 24 (Charlotte Pike) and the Cheatham County
line to provide notice of
this act to the motoring public.
SECTION 3. This act shall take effect July 1, 2009, the public welfare
requiring it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Basic bike care class Sat Jan,17 10:00 AM

On Saturday January 17th at 10 am the Fogbees lead by Bruce Day will be putting on a basic bike care clinic at Big Looy’s. This clinic is designed to teach the basics of bike care to include tire changing and small adjustments and repairs. These are the things that will help you to get back safely when you are ridding and something goes wrong with your bike. This course is free and open to all Fogbees or just the curious public.

I am encouraging all of the Fogbees to join us even if you are comfortable with bike repairs. This will be a great day to get together with friends as it will be too cold to ride outside. If that is not enough we will be having lunch at Looy’s after the class and they have 2 for one draft’s on Saturday.

Please see post below for any questions.

Basic Bike Care

So far only Bob has definitely committed to helping with the Basic bike course and no one has definitely committed to attending. That's probably because I have not asked. So here it is. Below is a proposed outline and flier to post at Big Looy's. Please respond if you can help and if you will attend. Otherwise we can plan to ride.

Basic Bike Care

Topics, about 20 min as one group.
1. Making a bike rack from rope and garage hooks
2. Tires
a) Inflation: check by feel every ride, by gage once a week
b) Look for cuts and bits of glass once a week and after any leak
3. cleaning, after any ride on wet roads and about every 500 miles.
a) Spray drive train, rims and under bottom bracket with water, then detergent.
b) Scrub with brush.
c) rinse. Avoid spraying into hubs and bottom bracket. Dry chain with towel
d) Rinse STI works out with clean water about every 3 months.
4. Lubing
a) Apply Pro-Link to rear derailer pulley's, at moving parts of front and rear derailer, where cable passes under bottom bracket and to barrel adjusters. Also apply to moving parts of brake assembly.
b) Apply generous amount of Prolink to chain, spin, then remove excess. (Show how to make a long tipped applicator. Note removal of excess best done after a delay.)
c) STI. Re lube with WD40 while working through all the gears and applying brakes. About once a year add a silicone based lube.
5. Cable adjustments
6. Derailer stop adjustments.
7. spoke adjustments


1. Bike on racks to play with cable adjustments and derailer stop adjustments.
2. Truing stands to play with spoke tension and wheel truing
3. Bunch of front tires to remove and replace tires and repair punctures.
4. Chain breaking and repair station.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

FOGBEE Spin - NEW Days & times

Since the Y scheduled a Thursday class at 6:30 the open day is now Wednesday. To break up our exercise, we will spin with Terry at 5:30pm on Monday, then have our FOG-Gary on Wednesday at 6:30. For really bad Saturdays, if Gary is free we will have another FOGBEE spin at 10:00am, but only if we are not riding or having other activities. For the Monday spin, remember to reserve your bike early and get to class on time!!

If the Y cancels the Thursday 6:30 class we will probably return to the Tuesday Thursday schedule.

UK bicycling PSA

I like this UK PSA

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hendersonville Land Use & Transportation Plan

The City of Hendersonville is in the process of developing a long range plan that identifies a future land use and transportation strategy for the entire community. The transportation element of the plan will function as the City’s Major Thoroughfare Plan and the remainder of the plan will serve as the foundation for the City’s future comprehensive planning efforts. In order to accomplish this task the community is invited to participate in a week long planning activity called a charrette. Click here for more details. I can not attend and request your help for the Bike/Ped Session on Wednesday Jan 21.

TDOT addresses cyclists' rumble strip concerns

. . .Leslie Meehan (MPO) told us that TDOT had a meeting with bike/ped coordinators across the state in which they stated they are relooking their approach to rumble strips and are asking cyclist to participate in future designs. TDOT has also begun avoiding application of rumble on shoulders less than 4' in the past few weeks in a few places around the region.
. . .We are pleased with TDOT consideration of cyclist's interests. Thanks guys for your help. Click here for additional details on our Web Site.
. . . The BPAC Blog (see lower right side-bar) in the last couple of weeks has had several articles of interest to FOGBEES. Latest was a POST about people being fined for dogs that injure cyclists. I hope you are monitoring it.