Monday, January 19, 2009

Participation in Planning Process

If cycling community doesn't get more proactively involved in government processes we can expect to see more "ban bike" activities. Hendersonville is conducting its long range transportation planning this week. How many of you are attending these meetings?
From "near the equator."


coastdownhills said...

I second the call for more participation and personally plan to attend the opening and at least the scheduled 10:30 and 2:30 on Tuesday.

BOB G. said...

I wish I could but I will be out of town for work.

wttuckerjr said...

Would love to attend, but will be working a 13 hour shift that day.


Miley said...

I made it to the kickoff tonight, along with Bruce. If you have looked at the schedule of sessions, what's not on the scedule but was announced tonight, is they will be taking input on any topic during the pinup sessions each night through Friday at 6:30. So if you can make it, stop in and tell them what's important to you.