Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Walk/Bike Nashville Membership Drive

. . . Are you a member of Walk/Bike Nashville? Do you know others who might become members of Walk/Bike Nashville?
. . . As we approach our 10th Birthday and prepare to celebrate at our annual meeting on October 23, we have set a hefty goal: increase our membership by 46 persons. We have 23 days to reach our goal - that's 2 new members each day. Help us reach our goal. Please pass along this email and urge your fellow walking or bicycling friends to join Walk/Bike Nashville today!
Why Join? Click here to read more . . .

Shannon Hornsby, Executive Director - Walk/Bike Nashville

btw...our 10th birthday celebration is at 6pm on October 23 at the Nashville Farmers Market. Join us for cake!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Injury Update

Hey Gang,

Not being used to writing an injury update, I contacted the Great Communicator, New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick. His suggestion follows at the end.

But seriously, folks, I really want to share my admiration for being a FOGBEE right now.

First, I apologize to all FOGBEES.

While this was an accident, the cause was due to my inexperience in clips. Making road experience my introduction into clips was a completely irresponsible act. While I may have a broken hip, it could have been much worse given a different set of circumstances. And, had my actions caused an injury to another FOGBEE, my pain would be much greater. As it is, I feel guilty of falling into Jennifer. Had she been fully engaged, injuries could have resulted for her as well.

Even with the inexperience, everything had been working fine. I had clipped in and out all the way from White House. At the cross street of South Cedar and TN25, the left clip hung up and would not disengage. I think I got spooked and just fell.

Most of you are unaware that I have a personal blog dedicated to cycling, Have Bike . . . Will Travel. I am adamant on cyclists’ embracing their responsibilities to the cycling community. I let the community down, if only temporarily. If the busted hip is my penance, so be it. It is a lesson to be learned, and it will be learned.

Second, I am such a blessed and lucky man that the accident occurred as it did. My belief is to acknowledge blessings in life and use those blessings to become a better man. This accident will provide another wide range of opportunities at which to succeed.

Tommy and Rhonda: your conduct as medical professionals was an awesome sight. Given what I learned from the injury this week, without your quick actions, and that of the others who followed your lead, the risk of further orthopedic or internal damages may have resulted.

Phil and Lisa: for stepping up and ensuring my equipment was safe. As we pulled away from the scene, someone, I think it was Tom E., hollered not to worry about the bike. Because of who we are, as a group, the thought that my bike and equipment would not be safe ever entered my mind. Regardless, I am deeply appreciative of you guys. I’ll pick up the stuff ASAP.

Also, to Tommy and Rhonda and Phil and Lisa: thanks for the BEE basket. Everybody I explained it to in the hospital thought it was terrifically clever.

Bob: from the outset, big guy, I think you knew it was more serious than I wanted to believe. You kept plugging away with the humor and kept me in good spirits. I felt fine, but probably looked like death warmed over in a low powered microwave.

To all other FOGBEES who have not been mentioned here, I appreciate every one of you so much. We are a unique and classy group of folks and your friendship is cherished immensely.

As for the injuries: I have a surgically repaired broken hip that will take six weeks of no-impact rest. I am home (as of Wednesday), my daughter lives with me while going to school, and I have other family close by. I have access to a walker, crutches, a wheelchair, a golf cart, and a hoveround (I kid you not; all of this is in my family). I have a bit of pain, but I also have LORTAB, the great equalizer. The doc says the bones look good and thinks my active lifestyle will facilitate the recovery exponentially.

Oh yeah, here is Coach Belichick’s injury report suggestion:
Nik the Stik: Hip Pointer: Day-to-Day

Finally, to DJ Gary: can I request Hippy Hippy Shake for the Halloween gig?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fogbee Lite Injured


Just got email from Tim. He is home and doing ok. He plans to post a blog update soon.
Bruce 9/25/08

Tim (AKA: Nik the Stik) suffered a fractured femur on the milkshake ride today. He was transported by ambulance to Skyline Medical Center and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning. The plan is for Tim to be ambulatory with crutches and/or a walker by Sunday evening, although his leg will be non-weight bearing for a minimum of 6 weeks. Additional info to follow as it becomes available.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chief Ladiga / Silver Comet Trail...

If anyone has thought about riding these two trail systems, I highly recommend it!!!!
This past weekend, 12 of us left Anniston on the Chief Ladiga Trail (actually in Weaver, AL) Saturday morning and took it to the GA state line where it joined up with the Silver Comet Trail. They actually just finished laying the last 2.5 miles of concrete a few weeks ago on the Silver Comet so there is no longer a detour (but bring your climbing legs for that section.
We then took the Silver Comet all the way to the end in Smyrna, GA. We spent the night at a LaQuinta Hotel and rode back on yesterday. Pretty much everybody rode completely self-supported. We logged about 105 miles each way (including mileage to hotel/Subway in Cedartown, etc.) and it was definitely a trip that I will remember for a long time.
I was amazed at the amount of the work and money that has been put into these 2 projects. Somebody had told me that GA had spent over 24 million dollars on the Silver Comet. The quality of the trails was outstanding and they extremely clean (the GA side was definitely nicer though, all concrete. Alabama side was asphalt). Anyway, just wanted to let everybody know that if you haven't ridden these yet, plan a trip. We had awesome weather, but a trip while the leaves are changing color, that might have made it even better.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Help with a Website

Hey Gang,

Shannon Hornsby at Walk/Bike Nashville has asked for my help in taking a critical view of their site, comparing it with similar sites, and offer suggestions to improve the content.

I'd like to extend that offer to all FOGBEES because ideas of many are better than ideas of a few.

Although WBN is not strictly a biking organization, and although they are more concerned with the Nashville area proper than the greater MSA area (including rural sections of Davidson County), I think we share the same passion for the future of transportation options for the area, especially cycling.

If you have a few minutes to take a peek, here is the site:

[In draft, the link wasn't showing up so you may have to paste it to the browser from here: www.walkbikenashville.org ]

You can comment here or send me a email to nik59@yahoo.com. I will making a list of all comments and talking with Shannon in the next month. I would like to be able to cite several FOGBEES ideas and hopefully facilitate our two groups working in concert on future projects.


Halloween Party

Please click on the invitation on the LEFT to view a larger image.
Party for FOGBEES and their friends.
Call Marsha to help.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello From Philly

Sounds and looks like the Little Miami weekend was a great, although damp success. I really hate that I missed it. The weather in Philly this weekend was a bit better (92 on Sunday). I have put some pics of the Schuylkill River Trail (Valley Forge to Philadelphia) on SnapFish in the Fogbees album. LOTS of bikers up here (two large supported rides this weekend), but still some of the same unappreciating drivers you have in Sumner. So far the rides are nice, my travel bike is holding up well, but I haven't found a Big Looy's yet. However, the Yeungling brewery is just up the road so I'll have to check it out.

Little Miami images

Click on Snapfish link on the right side pane to access albums.


I JUST WANTED TO SAY HOW MUCH CINDY AND I ENJOYED THE OHIO TRIP. THE BIKE RIDE ON SATURDAY WAS FANTASTIC. It really was a great trail ride and I will never forget how much fun it was to ride for miles and miles through dense woods and parks and to visit all the small towns along the way. I appreciate everyone who made the trip and look forward to the next "Great Ride". Thanks to everyone and I just want to say this is one of the reasons I am part of the FOGbees.

We would like to wrapup this outstanding ride with a photo scrap-book on our Web Site & Snap Fish. Please comment if you have pictures to share & how/when we can get a copy.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Looks like Allen, Brett, David, Tom E. and Mike are in for the party. Ken will probably come and Phil looks to change some plans to also be there. So, the party is a go! If you want to help, call or contact me or Doug's wife, Marsha, who is the official "top dog" organizer of the event. I will have invitations for everyone to keep and give to friends next week. Thanks

I need the rest of the FOGbees to respond to the Halloween Party invite I sent on the Blog last week and to let me know by Friday if you would be coming to the party if we had one on Nov. 1. If I do not get at least 15 favorable responses (I have 8 so far) by Friday I will probably go ahead and cancel the plans to have it. Please let me know on the blog or contact me or let me know on one of the rides. Thanks

Well, I've been reading all this Fogbee/Fogbee-lite/Ultra-light stuff and it looks like we are turning into a pretty big bike club. Seems like we need a party to get everyone aquainted again so I was wondering if the whole group would like to have a Halloween Party on Saturday, November 1, 2008 at Glen Oaks Clubhouse. Organization should be easy and I'll throw in the cost of the room as my contribution. Pot luck works and costumes are optional for the shy natured persons. We would need 15-20 riders to come on board for the party and,as before,guests are very welcome.These parties work best with about 50 people in attendence. I also would be willing to DJ again. I need a response in 7 days as I have been asked to DJ a party on that day and I'd rather party with Bike riders! Tell me what you think about this idea. Thanks everyone.

Cycling Safety with Numbers and Courtesy

As you know my philosophy with biking has been BE VISIBLE. Ride from locations where motorists will see us frequently. The FOGBEES intentionally ride down Gallatin Road for that reason. It is great to see Team Bikers Choice, ALL in uniform, also on our main thoroughfares. Now a national survey has verified that I am not a delusional Fat Old Guy on a Bike. Read from the BLOG below.



This article makes me think about Williamson County. There seems to be a lot of animosity between motorists and cyclists down there. Since I work in Brentwood, I have a lot of coworkers who live in Williamson County who, knowing I'm a cyclist, somehow feel the need to complain to me about the large groups who hog up their roads and block traffic for miles, or a cyclist who was rude to them in some manner. An important aspect of the article that was left out is that as the number of cyclists increases, the more important it is to show respect to motorists. I think the Williamson County problem of motorists vs. cyclists is the militant, "this is my road, too," mentality from several rude cyclists in that area who maybe take the Share the Road concept a little too far. We have to be sure that we don't act that way up here. Courtesy comes from "all" who share the road. As always, education is key!

Frank P. Bowyer, IV

Frank, It’s the responsibility of the Club to make sure its members BEHAVE and courteously follow the laws. We all have our independent cyclists who do what they want when they want, but hopefully enough peer pressure will convince them that they are only harming their friends. May I POST your note to our BLOG?


Sure. Most of the people I know (non-cyclists, that is) in Williamson Co hate cyclists and I just don't want that to happen here in Sumner Co. Education is also key for newbies, so they don't get hurt. Remember, according to law enforcement, it's never the driver's fault when there is an accident involving a cyclist. That needs to change too. Our clubs are key to education and exemplifying/enforcing good habits, both on and off of the road (greenways, trails, etc).

Frank P. Bowyer, IV

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Sortie

A special thanks to Bob for leading our maiden Sunday excursion around the peninsula. I look forward to future leisurely loops for these tired old legs.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Ride--Ultralight and Newbies Welcome

Let's go ahead and just ride this  Sunday PM. 9/7 Several folks appear to be interested so meet at Big Looies at be ready to leave at 2:00 PM.  Bob volunteered to lead us on a nice 11 mile loop. 

Pass this ride on to people who aren't quite ready for longer rides. We'll try to do every week unless weather is too bad. 

Football fans will have to make their choice:) Bryan has a morning ride planned which is also going to be multiple loops. 

Friday, September 5, 2008


The FOGBEE Lights concept has been a great success. Almost to the point where a new rider will have a hard time doing the distance or be intimidated by the traffic or the number or riders.
I would like to assess the interest in starting anew ride this fall. I picture it Sunday afternoon – say 2:00 PM. This time will allow us to continue into the winter months.
Route and start-stop point would be chosen to avoid as much traffic as possible. Distance would be 10 miles or so and would allow for multiple loops if individuals desire. Ride leader would pace the group to accommodate the slowest rider.
This could also be an opportunity to do a recovery ride for those who did a longee on Saturdays.
Post your replies or email Tom Benim.

Monday, September 1, 2008

September Plans

In September we have a combination of activities
- 9/6/08: Local Rides - Watch the Blog
- 9/13/08: Little Miami Tour (Plans on Web Page)
. . . . . . . : Need leaders for local ride alternative
- 9/20/08: Tour de Glade & Local ride alternative
- 9/27/08: B.R.A.S.S. (no local alternative)


New DEALS posted on SWAP SHOP.