Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Cell Phone Coverage Question

Hey all, Tammy and I are looking at changing our cell provider and would like feedback from you guys and gals, specifically your Sprint coverage in all the places we ride. We really get in the boonies sometimes, and I want to see if Sprint has said boonies covered. Thanks, your comments are appreciated.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bryan's Ride

Click on this link to view article in the Indian Lake Peninsula Living magazine about the October 2016 UNITY Ride

Friday, December 9, 2016

C H R I S T M A S  L I G H T S  R I D E
and C H R I S T M A S Y
DEC 10, 2016
Start Time 5:30pm On The Red Nose

It is going to be a cool ride(pun intended) Saturday night.  So dress warm.  Don't let the weather keep you from coming out.  This is a fun ride.

Please be ready to ride at 5:15.  We will want to get some pictures before the ride and NEED TO START AT 5:30 PM as the Hendersonville PD will be escorting us.  If you get there late, you can catch up with us on the route at one of the stops, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Streets of Indian Lake.

The Christmas Party is at Bluegrass Bar and Grille immediately following the ride.  Spouses, significant others are invited to come join us for the party.

Even if you can't ride, come join us for the Christmas Party.

Thank you to everyone who has donated a gift for the Hendersonville PD Santa Cop program.

Below is the link for the route.

Christmas Lights Ride Route

See you on the road,

Santa and Buddy the Elf

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

It is looking a lot like Christmas!!!!

The tree is looking a whole lot brighter with all the gifts under its branches.

Thank you and keep them coming.  There will be a lot of happy Whos in Whoville.

Santa and Buddy the Elf

Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Lights/SANTA COP Gift Program

The FOGBEE Christmas Tree is looking a little like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree without any gifts underneath it.  Please consider donating a gift for the Hendersonville PD Santa Copy program. Otherwise, we might have a few little Whos in Whoville that might have a Grinch of a Christmas.

The gifts are for kids 0-12 years old.  You can drop off your gifts at Gary Williams Law Office at 145 Maple Row Blvd in Hendersonville, TN or you can bring them to the Christmas Party at Bluegrass Bar and Grill following the Christmas Lights Ride.

Watch for Updates on the Christmas Lights Ride this week.  Please respond if you plan on riding and/or coming to the Christmas Party Following the ride.

                              See you on the road,

          Santa and Buddy the Elf

Christmas Lights Ride, December 10th

C H R I S T M A S  L I G H T S  R I D E
and C H R I S T M A S Y
DEC 10, 2016
Start Time 5:30pm On The Red Nose

Happy Holidays - Click Here

    This ride is now part of the Hendersonville Holiday Fest, so it is an honor for our cycling club.  

   If you are not familiar with this ride, it is an opportunity to decorate and light up your bicycle with Holiday lights and ride some of the streets of Hendersonville spreading some holiday cheer.  Everyone who sees us seems amazed at the spectacle!!  This ride is really a bicycle parade.  We have arranged a police escort and the tentative route is less than 10 miles which opens it up for a family activity.  

    Now is a good time to plan your bike dΓ©cor and if needed purchase any battery powered lighting that you may need.  In the past we have found lighting at Wal-Mart, Walgreens and some at Lowes and Home Depot.  

   We will ride the same route as last year.  The Police would like to have a participant count, so I am requesting that you post here, or email me at with your commitment, and headcount.  I will be in contact with all participants via the blog and email with final route and ride arrangements.


   Our Charity again this year is Hendersonville Police Department SANTA COP.  Please consider purchasing an unwrapped Toy or Toys for a child 0 to 12 years old.  Deliver your toy to Gary Williams office at 145 Maple Row Blvd. 

    Immediately following the ride, we will have our annual FOGBEE CHRISTMAS PARTY and Bluegrass Bar and Grille.  Family is invited as well to the Christamas Party, whether they ride or not. 

   For website information go to: FOGBEES CHRISTMAS LIGHTS RIDE

  If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at the email above or text me at 615-714-3947. 

 Santa and Buddy the Elf 

Thursday, December 1, 2016


The FOGBEES are glad to take part again this year in the HENDERSONVILLE PD SANTA COP GIFT PROGRAM.   They are excited to have as participate in the program.  We are doing this  as part of our involvement in the Hendersonville Holiday Fest and the Christmas Lights Ride.

Please donate a gift to the HENDERSONVILLE PD SANTA COP GIFT PROGRAM FOR A CHILD FROM AGES 0-12.   You can drop the gifts off at Gary Williams (aka Santa) Law Office located at 145 Maple Row Blvd in Hendersonville anytime up through Dec 12th.  Please do not wrap the gifts.  

For more information on the Lights Ride and the Christmas Party, please see below. 

Merry Christmas
Buddy the Elf

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I have a trainer that is no longer needed...  Would rather give to a FOGBEE than sell.  If anyone wants it, please let me know and it is yours.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Christmas Lights Ride-Dec. 10th

Santa's Bike Brigade has the pleasure of once again taking part in the Hendesonville Holiday Fest.

The ride is set for December 10th.  It will start at Bluegrass Bar and Grille and follow the same route as last year.

The FOGBEE Christmas Party will be held at Bluegrass Bar and Grille following the ride.

We will again this year partner with the Hendersonvillle Police Department in collecting gifts for local kids.  Santa Gary will be coordinating gift collection.

Don your costume, decorate your bike and come out for a festive evening.

See you on the road,

Buddy the Elf

Friday, November 4, 2016

Veloink bike labels are here!

I received the bike labels today and will bring them to the Tailgate ride tomorrow. Actually Sherry will bring them after our ride. They all look great!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Veloink Labels ordered

The group order has been placed. They should be in my hands next week sometime. We ordered a total of 34 labels and the company was grateful for the large order. I can't wait to see them all put on our bikes.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Last chance for changes

After all the input received here is the list of labels for the order I will place on Monday. Same as previous posts, only send me new labels or changes if I don't have the info correct. Be sure to check yours on the Veloink website as I don't want to disappoint anyone.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Bike decals

Most of you know about the website "" to order name labels that can be put on your bike, helmet or other cycling gear. I contacted the company and got them to add our FOGBee bee to the available choices. If we put a order of 20 or more we can get a 50% discount ($5.00 a sheet vs. $10) for a sheet of 4 labels. I would have to send in the list of names in order to receive this discount  I am sending this out to gauge the level of interest.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

UPDATE: Unity Ride nand Pot Luck Oct 15th In Memory of Bryan Kortness

"Area cycling clubs will gather on October 15th to honor Bryan Kortness and continue his vision of bringing the cycling community together. Bryan, a local and avid cyclist, passed away in April 2015 after years of living with type 1 diabetes.

Bryan was passionate about connecting people through riding bikes and took every available opportunity to invite people on rides. Before his death, he started an annual group ride to help connect the vast network of cyclists and cycling clubs throughout the greater Nashville area.

Many of us live with or know someone who lives with type 1 diabetes. It’s JDRF’s mission to treat and cure type 1 diabetes. Donations to continue their mission in Bryan’s memory are appreciated."

Our goal is to raise $1,000 between the five clubs.  Donations can be made at the link below. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bike for Sale

My Son Ethan has a very nice Lynskey R140 for sale

Size Medium or 54 basically

It's as close to brand new as a used bike can get and a steal!

Lynskey R140 Ultegra

He has a Helix as well and just doesn't want so much money tied up in two bikes of that  caliber

Just text me or call me if your interested in looking at it

Monday, October 10, 2016


Join your Fogbee friends for the, believe it or not, 9th year of Spinning at the HENDERSONVILLE YMCA at 6:30 pm for one hour of sweat and music. The YMCA has many options for monthly membership and you can end your membership when we stop Spinning in March. Spinning is every TUESDAY AND THURSDAY AT 6:30 pm and Saturday at 10 am if there is no outside ride. Spinning keeps you in bike shape and continues the great camaraderie
that makes the Fogbees special. Brew afterwards is optional...Bee there! Gary...

Thursday, October 6, 2016

FOGBEE Ale' Jersey Update

Just wanted to give everyone who ordered a FOGBEE Ale' jersey the information received from the APG factory in Italy.

We got a factory completion date of Nov. 2nd.
They are shipping directly to each person from Italy and it will take about a week.

Hopefully you'll have your jersey no later than Nov. 11th.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Membership List Update

      We have updated the membership list with a total of 155 members.  The list is password protected for everyone's privacy.  All members may access the list with the User ID and the same password we have used over the last five years.  If you need the PW ask a long time member or send us a request at

Monday, October 3, 2016

Danny's Last Night Out With The Guys- Wednesday, Oct 5th

Due to events taking place per the post below, Wednesday will be Danny's last night out with the guys for some time.   Sooo, come join us at Moli Paza in White House for some pizza and beer.  The fun begins at 6:00PM.

Please post if you plan on attending so we can let Moli Paza know.

Moli Paza is located in the strip mall (pun intended) across from the White House Animal Clinic on 31W in White House.

See you then,

Some of the Guys

Danny and Laura Invite All FOGVBEES To A Celebration

Laura and Danny invite ALL FOGBEES to a celebration of their new life together.  Please mark this date down on your calendar and come spend a special evening with two special people.

The celebration will be at 6593 Highway 76E, Springfield, TN. 

Congratulations Laura and Danny!!!

Regular Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Rides Suspended due to lack of sunlight

Well, it is that time of year.  We just don't have enough daylight left at the end of the day to do the rides.  As such, they are suspended until next spring.

It has been another good riding season

HOWEVER, watch for Miley's Night Rider Nights, an occasional late afternoon ride posted by Woody or Woody's What Else Do You Have To Due But Ride Ealry On Sunday Rides.

Weather permitting, I am sure that Miley will post one of his special routes that will include such fun roads as Dobbins Pike or Tinnin just so our legs won't forget them.

Also, it is about time for Gary's Wednesday Night Fogbee Spin class at the Hendersonville YMCA.

So, don't get fat and lazy over the winter.  There will still be plenty to do.

See you on the road,

Mike and Woody

Friday, September 30, 2016

Newspaper Article for UNITY Ride

Here is a copy of the article that you requested for the UNITY Ride that appeared today (9/30/16) in the Hendersonville Standard newspaper.

Kudos to Grand Fondo

This week I took my Focus in to get some maintenance done.  They discovered a crack in my frame and are working to get it replaced for me .  That is not what the Kudos is for.

He knew I was riding Jack and Back.  I was concerned about riding my Orbea.  He told me to bring it in.  He refitted me on the bike and set it up like my Focus.  Replaced my tape, transferedmy seat, checked everything out.  Best part is that he didn't charge me a thing to make it right because of the Focus.

On top of that, a number of you know we have been trying to help out a new young rider named Leo. I got to talking to Lynn about Leo and he is helping us w a great deal in a new bike for him.  Tomorrow Leo is getting fitted and will be picking up his new bike.

Thanks Lynn for all that you have done.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fogbee hats

Good news - I have most of the hats. There are 3 black distressed hats that are back ordered but I didn't want to wait any longer to get these into your hands (or on your heads). When the back ordered hats are ready I will be contacted. These hats were not easy from the embroidery perspective so I need one more dollar per hat to cover the cost. Sorry, I used an estimate that didn't quite do it. I will bring the hats with me to the next few events for distribution. If you want to make other arrangements you can get in touch with me at 270-978-1610. Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Red Boiling Springs images on Shutterfly

My images of the 2016 Red Boiling Springs ride are now on Shutterfly.
If you have trouble, try clicking on the "Website" tab at the top of the Fogbee Blog page, then scroll down to Photos, Shutterfly.

Most notable are all the smiles and outright laughter visible on the faces. This despite the rain.

Thanks to Woody for organizing the ride and to Mike for adding the new wrinkle of a 3 day option.  Many thinks to Marsha Depew and Sherry Baisel for luggage transport. I don't know who brought all the goodies but it was fantastic. Don't stop.

Most of all, congratulate yourselves for participating. You make the party.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

FOGBEE ALE Jerseys - Last Call

We have met the minimum order requirement for custom Jersey orders from APG/ALE.

Our FOGBEE Jerseys order will be placed with the factory Monday.

Today, and possibly first thing tomorrow morning, will be your last chance to order a Pro Level FOGBEE ALE Jersey for the foreseeable future.

Continue the Tradition

      Much of the history of the FOGBEES is recorded in the photos and videos that members take while on tours and rides.  We have tried to collect them after each excursion on the FOGBEE photo website  and  our YouTube website  .  For more information please see
      It is always enjoyable to look back on the old trips and these sites provide an easy way to share your memories. Many of the veteran FOGBEES who in the past created these archives are not available to continue this great tradition. The club has very skilled fresh photographers.  Please share your creations.  Need help in signing up, send me a note at

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Red Boiling Springs Last Update

Just one day before we leave for Red Boiling Springs with the three day riders heading out Friday morning and the two day riders roll out on Saturday.
Just a couple of reminders and updates:

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


The official tally from ALE is at 17 jerseys ordered.

RBS Luggage and Coolers Transportation

We are trying to get a feel for Saturday riders that need luggage transport. Post here or call me at 615-431-9821. MARSHA will be at Bluegrass Saturday 7:45 to 8:20.  Also for Sunday return luggage will be dropped at Woodys garage or at my house, your option.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Just a reminder that Gran Fondo Gallatin is this Saturday. Pre-Registration will close on Friday night. 

While I was marking the  courses today, I came across a 6 mile bicycle sleigh ride of fresh pavement down the ridge from Westmoreland to Bethpage on old 231E.  It didnt seem to have any traffic on it either.  To anyone participating in the 100K, this will be a treat!  Also, anyone who doesnt want to do the last climb up Rock Bridge, there is a great by-pass at the last rest stop to make the route a little easier and shorter. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

What's a FOGBEE?

Check out the explanation of what a FOGBEE is in the September issue of the Indian Lake Peninsula Living Magazine
Thule Apex 4 Bike Hitch Rack For Sale

Purchased early 2014 - barely used. Online price $399.95 will take $300.

Comment if interested or want more information.


Bicycle Education

Walk/Bike Nashville's Fall 2016 schedule is out! They are hosting a variety of classes to increase bike knowledge and educate bicycle and pedestrian advocates. 

All these classes are free and open to the public!

Click Here for the classes that currently have open registration. Sign up today while there is still space! And spread the word

FOGBEE ALE Jersey Cutoff Date

The cutoff date for ordering FOGBEE ALE Jerseys is Midnight Sunday 9/18/2016.

I you haven't tried on a jersey for fit please get with me this week ASAP.
If you can't make any of the week day evening rides and you need to try on a jersey call or text me.
We need to get this taken care of this week.

ALE will tally up the orders and if we meet the minimum 20 pieces the order will be placed with the factory, if not all orders will be cancelled.

Friday, September 9, 2016

FOGBEE ALE Jersey Online Ordering

The FOGBEE ALE online store is set up and ready to go!

Many of you have already tried on the jersey for fit so get set up and order so we can get to 20 pieces ASAP!

Just follow these instructions and let me know if you have any issues.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

UPDATE on Fogbee ALE Jerseys

I have the fit kit for the ALE Fogbee Jerseys.
We have size Small thru 5XL so there should be a size for everyone.

The art work is done.

Online ordering will be setup shortly so each one of you can order and pay for your jersey independently and have it shipped directly to you. 

All we need now is for you to try on a jersey and decide what size you want.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

ALE Fogbee Jersey

Dear FOGBEE members,

The HERNANDEZ BOYS (Frank and Tony) would like to inquire as to whether any of you would be interested in a Pro Level FOGBEE jersey made by one of the premier cycling clothing manufacturers in the world ALE/APG.

Mike Knake is fully aware that we’re pursuing this and has given us his blessing. Thank you so much Mike and we really appreciate it!!!!!!

APG in Italy makes cycling clothing for many Tour de France teams and many other big names like Giordana and Vermac. They’re own brand is ALE of which I know many of you have seen me and Frank wear.

Rokform Labor Day sale

Anyone interested in a quality bike mount - Rokform is having a 20% off Labor Day Sale.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Any ideas for me

I am looking to use my Iphone as a GPS for riding. Any recommendations for an app to use? Not really looking to buy a Garmin, Any good ideas??

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Long Hollow Planning Charrette

      Long Hollow Pike is an official Tennessee Bike Route and a popular ride for FOGBEES.  Sumner County has engaged the Walker Collaborative to review planning for this important corridor.  If you want to offer your thoughts on the matter, the County is conducting a  
Public Charrette on Monday August 29'th at Long Hollow Baptist Church from 6PM to 8PM 
      David Shumaker has been deeply involved with this planning at would like others to join him at this meeting.
      For more information about this meeting click here 

For the Bicyclist Who Has Everything

     Jealous of Norise with his bike speakers?  Like music while you bike, but don't want to violate bike safety laws by using ear-buds?  Here's a winner that has just gone on sale at 71% off the claimed retail price.
     Wireless Speaker, Venstar Waterproof Sport Portable Bluetooth Speaker, 6w Strong Speaker Driver Passive Radiator with Remote Controller and Metal Hook Loop for Outdoor Sports Travel Bicycle Cycling  
     Check out at

Fogbee hats

I turned in our order today to Ink'n Screens and they should have our hats completed in 2 -3 weeks. During this time I need to collect the money. I will bring a spreadsheet displaying each order with me to tonight's ride. You can send me an email,, if you want me to send your cost directly to you. I would prefer cash but will take a check. The price varies based on the hat and the work each of you selected so I cannot just give one price for every hat.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Fogbee hats-final notice

Final notice! I am taking everything I have to Ink'n Screens on Thursday. If you are providing a hat to be embroidered I need it by Wednesday. If you want to place an order send me an email by Wednesday, I don't know how long this will take but I will ask on Thursday.

Red Boiling Springs Sept 17 & 18

Everything is still on schedule for our RBS Ride in September. Last update with the hotels is the Armour is still 100% booked with a waiting list but the Donoho has appox 9 rooms available. So if you've been undecided its time to decide so you don't miss out on this traditional Fogbee weekend.

I do have two request, I need to know if anyone is planning on starting in Hartsville on Saturday and riding back to Hartsville on Sunday.

Also I need a volunteer with a truck or van that would be willing to transport overnight luggage (coolers) to the Armour House and Donoho Hotels for those of us that are riding on Saturday and Sunday. Would need to meet at Blue Grass Bar and Grill Saturday morning 9/17 at 8:00AM.
This is not for the 3 day riders as they have made their own arrangements for Friday and Saturday.

Please leave a comment below, contact me at an up coming ride or feel free to call me at 615-887-6382


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fogbee hats

Ink'n Screens has the artwork and is ready to begin work on our hats but a couple of things have to happen first. I need all the hats being provided by individuals, 12 on my list. The hats to be ordered (the same ones as previously selected from will not be ordered until I have all 12 of the individually purchased hats so that I can give everything to the business at one time. If anyone still wants to order a hat please send me an email by Sunday the 21st at with the style/color/size so it can be included. I have to cut this off so the work can move forward and must have all the information & hats for the work to begin. That is only possible if you do your part and get me what I need by Sunday. Finally, for those that have placed an order there is an option to put your first name, in cursive, on the right side of the hat. Please let me know if you want this for an additional $4.00. I will bring the list with me to the rides this week so if you have any questions please catch me then. If you can't ride or want to send me an email please do so this week.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Update on FOGBee hats

I have good news to share today after I met with Ink'n Screens. The estimated cost of for each hat works out to be approximately $17 plus the cost of the hat. This could change a little depending on if I get more orders and the cost of the hats. Nine hats are what I am aware of being given to me by individuals. Ink'n Screens is looking at their sources and have not given me a price for hats yet but they said they could do as well as or better than The hat will be configured this way: FOGBee Bee on the front, Cycling logo on the left side in white, and arched across the back in yellow. This way the colors are all from the same color palate on our jerseys. So I am ready now to receive hats from folks that are supplying their own hat. The rest of the hats will be ordered as soon as a comparison to the hats we were going to order from Blankshirts. The work should begin very soon as Ink'n Screens expect to have the digitized files back next week. I will bring a spreadsheet to the next few rides so please see me and be sure I have your information correct. I apologize for this taking longer than expected but S**t happens.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Red Boiling Springs Hotel Update (rev comments 8/10/16)

Our weekend ride to Red Boiling Springs will be here before you know it. If your planning on the 3 day ride thru Gordonsville (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) the 2 day ride (Saturday, Sunday) or even if your not 100% sure yet you need to make your room reservations.

The Armour House is currently full with a waiting list but the Donoho Hotel just down the street still has rooms available (12 as of today). The Donoho has gone thru a remodel with updated rooms and Wendy is proud and excited to show it off, so call Wendy and make your reservations 615-699-3141 (if no answer leave a message and she will call you back).

The Donoho rate is $89 for a double occupancy including breakfast, we will have a group dinner at the Armour House on Saturday Night. If you plan on staying at the Donoho we just need to let Dennis know at the Armour how many for dinner, I can get that number as we get closer to the date.

This is a tour ride and a FOGBEE favorite that you don't want to miss. Make you plans now.
More updates and route information coming soon.


Red Boiling Springs 3 Day Ride

There has been some interest in a 3 day ride to Red Boiling Springs.  The plan is to leave Hendersonville on Friday and ride 71 Miles to Center Hill Marina.  The Marina has a number of cabins that sleep anywhere from 4 to 12 ranging in price from $190 to $290 per night. They have a 2 night minimum.  SO, to spend one night they charge the nightly rate times 1.5.  Still works out cheaper than a hotel.  The cabins are on the lake with a view.

On Saturday morning, we would ride to Hartsville.  We wold then meet the Saturday group leaving Hendersonville for lunch and then ride to Red Boiling Springs.

It would be the usual route back on Sunday.

I need to know asap who is in for the 3 day ride so I can make reservations at the Marina. 

Below are the proposed routes.  I have different versions of what we could do on Saturday.

Friday Route

Saturday Ride Option 1

Saturday Ride Option 2

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Brass T Shirts

If you rode the BRASS, but did not get a T Shirt and would like a T Shirt, text me your size at 615-714-3947.

The BRASS is going to do a special run for the FOGBEES because of the great support we have shown them over the years.

See you on the road,


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kid's Tri at Sumner Y

Good Morning Fogbees!

Thank you for volunteering for our Kids Triathlon last year!  Bubba Perry and I are the Volunteer Coordinators for this year's tri.  We are in need of Volunteers this year and we always count on a large group of the Fogbees to help us out on the bike course.  Your group has always been so awesome and supportive of this race and we love having you out on the bike course where you can help our kids if a bike situation arises.

Our race this year is Saturday, August 6.  We would only need you for a few hours and it will make a big impact on the kids.  Please email me back with your shirt size and I will get you plugged into the course.

If you could pass this along to other Fogbees that may want to also volunteer, we would appreciate it.

Shawn Walker 615-594-1066 
Bubba Perry 615-482-4994
Volunteer Race Coordinators

They have not heard from their usual group of FOGBEE volunteers and need helpVolunteer by mailing to

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bike wanted....

Lucy is looking for a bike for for her son to use at college. Nothing to expensive but reliable and mechanically sound, approx 53"(+/-),  hybrid or mountain, light weight, preferably aluminum but will consider steel. If you have a bike or know of someone please post below, if you can't post see Lucy at a ride.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Good food for thought for all cyclists...

Not only is this Friday fun fact a courteous thing, but rather important for safety as well...

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Frank and Heather's Pool Party Routes, Saturday 7/23/16

Even if you do not plan on attending the pool party after the ride, please come join us for some different roads than what we normally ride.

The ride will start at 8:00 in Ridgetop at the Highland Chapel Union Church on Highland St.

Three routes are proposed below.   It will be a hot day.  Drink lots of water.  Regardless of what route you take, you can take 257 all the was back to the Church and avoid Smiley Hollow if the heat is getting to you (This is known as the Woody Short Cut).

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tandem Bike Attachment For Sale

I am getting ready to move and am trying to sell a Wee Ride Co pilot  tandem bike attachment.  This is a handy thing that clamps on the seat post of an adult bike and turns it into a tandem bike for pulling a 4- 9 yr old child,  up to 75 pounds.  Some may recall me from a couple years ago when I did the 30 miles BRASS route pulling my son the whole way w/ this bike.  
I would practically give it away to a good home as my youngest child is way past 75 lbs now. If anyone is interested,  they can contact me by phone at 615 530 1302 or by email at

Amy Smart

Monday, July 18, 2016



Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fogbee hat update

I have heard there are some of questions about what is going on with the Fogbee hat. I will try to address the questions in this update, but if you have more questions just let me know. 

The hat will look similar to the following. Unfortunately, I don't have an actual hat to show you.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Number of Fogbee hats

I am trying to estimate the number of hats people will order. The person doing the embroidery should have a price to me next week and the number of hats influences the price. I will place this on FB as well so let me know so I can at least come up with a minimum number. Thanks Brian

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The FOGBEE Jerseys, Bibbs, Shorts, etc. have arrived

No Tony, you won't have to wait till Christmas for your long awaited FOGBEE Kit.  It has arrived.

I will be sorting through and handing out everyones orders over the next week.

Thank you for your patience.

See you on the road,

Mike Knake

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Lost Keys

While loading my bike I put my Truck keys on Phils bumper and forgot to retrieve them at Beech. If anyone found a set they are probably mine. Also if you are riding New Shackle or Drakes Creek and see keys they may be mine. Doug

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The jersey, bibb, shorts, etc. order is shipping this week.

On July 16th,  the FOGBEES are hosting the Harpeth Club, the Veloteers for the BRIAN KORTNESS MEMORIAL UNITY RIDE from Madison Creek Elementary School in Madison Creek Brian organized this ride with the other 2 clubs over the years.  On a recent ride Brain Baisel got to talking to one of the folks that Brain used organize the ride with and they expressed an interest in doing the ride with us again this year.    Watch for further details.

August 6th in the annual HEAT Kids Triathalon at the Hendersonville YMCA.  They are always looking for volunteers.  This is a fun event that the FOGBEES have taken part in for a number of years. If you are interested, let me know.

See you on the road,

Mike Knake

Monday, June 20, 2016

Fogbee's Annual Red Boiling Springs Ride 2016

October 21st, 22nd, 2017

Spring has sprung and summer is here,the riding season is flying by and we just got back from a great weekend in Memphis. Fall will be here before we know it, that means it’s time to start thinking about the Fogbee’s annual overnight ride to Red Boiling Springs. 

This ride is a Fogbee tradition. Red Boiling Springs is located just the right distance from Hendersonville with the Hartsville option to make a nice one day ride for every rider level. It goes through beautiful scenery and this year the ride is later (October) so we should see some beautiful fall foliage and colors making it a must ride. The roads are generally smooth with low traffic. Dennis and Debra Emery of Armour's Hotel are great hosts. This trip fills up fast but there is room for everyone with three hotel options in Red Boiling Springs and they all are near one another.

Any questions let me know and I’ll try to answer or will get you an answer, any ideas let me know, any volunteer’s to help with some arrangement’s…let me know.

Mike may be working on another day or two thrown in like last year (Thursday and Friday) if so we will let you know with updates. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Graphics Images

      With the interest in FOGBEE paraphernalia I have transferred to FOGBEE Google Drive (aka cloud) all the graphic images I have saved for past caps, jerseys, banners, and shirts.  You can download these files by clicking on the WEBSITE tab on this blog, scrolling down to PHOTO, and clicking on GRAPHICS.
      Producers of paraphernalia almost always require scalable vector files.  Since few people have this very expensive software for editing/creating these images, I have included two old copies of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator which Adobe has made public.  It is intended for use in Windows XP.  I have found all my old drawing software no longer works in Windows 10.
     We ask that if you are creating new vector images (including embroidery files which is included in the price of the initial purchase) of FOGBEE stuff that you send us copies so we can put it in the FOGBEE cloud so all members have access.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Wine Ride Saturday, June 18th- Routes are Below

Another FOGBEE favorite, The Wine Ride.  We ride form the Chateau Ross Winery located west of Orlinda and ride up in to KY with a stop at the Tastee Freeze in Franklin, KY for some mid morning ice cream.

The ride time is 8:00.  Make sure you have plenty of water as there is only one water stop and it will be a warm ride.

The address is:
5823 Fulton Road
Springfield, TN

If you are interested, this is the link to their website:

After the ride Ross and Debra put on a wine tasting for us with a lunch.  Very hospitable hosts.

The cost is $20 per person for the wine tasting and lunch.  You can purchase bottles of wine to take home and share.



Below are the routes.  Some great roads.

More details to come.

See you on the road,

Mike Knake

53 Mile Route  Water at 25 at the Frosty Freeze

48 Mile Route  Water at 25  Frosty  Freeze

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Fogbee Hat

For those interested in a Fogbee hat, I've found some most of us can probably agree on. See links on the Fogbee facebook page. If you're not a FB'er search Headsweats Cycling Cap, Headsweats Performance Race/Running/Outdoor Sports Hat or Headsweats Race Hat on Amazon.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Another bike for sale

Selling my son's bike for him.
He bought it to get started and now has a Lynskey!

Here's the Ebay Listing:

2013 Kestrel RT1000 Ultegra 53cm 10 Speed

Any Fogbee interested can have it for $900.00 outside of Ebay.

Just text me or email me.

Tony Hernandez

Bike Sheperd

I don't know how many FOGBees know or use this site to register their bike. I found it after I bought a new bike this year and just wanted to share the information. Simple and free to register any bike. Print out the registration and have something tangible just in case the worst happens.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Fantastic Weekend in Chattanooga

     It was another one of Mike and Sherry's great parties. Everyone kept telling us how great a job they did!   The large turnout of FOGBEES and guests are tribute to what everyone has learned to anticipate.  The club is truly fortunate to have them volunteer to do so much!
     We were especially appreciative of Mike and Sherry arranging for the rain showers to hold off until all bicyclists had returned.  Click here for Sherry Beisel's great pictures at the start of the ride.  It is also great to have a photographer back at our events.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


      I’m in charge of the Vol State bike club and I also ride with the Tennessee Women’s Cycling Project. TWCP hosts a Monday Night Ladies’ Ride during the summer. 
      I’m leading the ride next Monday June 6 from Vol State at 6PM. 1480 Nashville Pike Gallatin, TN 37066. Enter the college at Gap Blvd and park in the first lot near the Pickel Gym.
     This will be a beginner friendly no drop ride. We will have 4, 8, and 15 mile route options as well as experienced riders to lead and sweep the routes.

I know we see you on our rides usually over by Station Camp.

Thanks. Chrysa

Chrysa Malosh, Biology Laboratory Technician
Volunteer State Community College

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fogbee hat

Here is what the hat discussed last night after our ride would look. They will also have Hendersonville, TN embroidered across the back (Yellow or white), and possibly the FB from the jersey sleeve on one side (which side?). I am not sure I can find the right orange color to match the jersey color so black might be the best option. I have been looking at hats on the website I sent out earlier and Models C809, STC17, C813, or C861 look like they could work. Pick one of these hats and let me know your preference.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Great Cycle challenge

Is anyone in the group participating in this challenge? We could rack up a lot of miles together and report as a club.

UPDATE Chattanooga Trip, June 3rd and 4th

The Chattanooga Trip is less than 2 weeks away.  We have our biggest group ever going on a weekend trip.  Let the good times roll!

Most everyone is heading down on Friday.  We can meet up in the hotel bar after you arrive and get settled in to your room.   No set time, just whenever you feel like heading on down.  After that, we can head over to the World of Beer for dinner, probably no later than 7:00.

The ride on Saturday will start at 8:00.  We will stop for lunch at the same place as last year.

Once back, we can join up on the patio once again for good fellowship and plenty of Bullet and Moonshine or whatever your favorite drink might be.

Saturday night we have dinner reservations at The Big River Grille at 7:00.

If anyone is up for it, there will be an optional ride up to the top of Lookout Mountain.

Sherry is putting together a number of activities for the non riders to possibly take part in on Saturday.  All is optional.  If you wish, feel free to spend the day doing your own thing.

Below is the link to last years post with various activities, the routes, etc.

Your Host, Mike and Sherry

2015 Chattanooga Activities, Routes, etc.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fogbee Ball hat

I am trying to gauge the interest in placing an order for some hats for our cycling group. I know someone that does embroidery work and they have already taken a look at the art work for this. I propose the hat in the link below, it is Stone in color with a Black accent strip in the bill. Just my opinion but I think this accent strip would compliment the black lettering in the logo and the stone color would allow the logo to stand out. It has a Velcro closure in the back for sizing. as you can see there is a price break for 12 or more hats.

I would like to include arched on the back. A good way to promote our group and where to find information.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Second Bike For Sale

Selling my CAAD 10 I built to have as a second/backup bike.

The Cannondale 56's are just too big for me.

Here's the craigslist listing:

Full Ultegra, first $1250.00 gets it!

Just reduced the price  by $50.00 and am including a Medium Giro Saros Helmet I only used twice.

Will post on Ebay after Memorial day weekend.

If anyone, or anyone you know needs a new bike and needs a 56 for a steal just text me or call me at (615)613-3903.

Tony Hernandez

FOGBees artwork

Does anyone have the digital artwork of the FOGBees logo? I am looking into getting embroidered ball hats made and need to send the artwork to a friend of mine that does this type of work.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

UPDATE Jerseys, Bibbs, Shorts, Vests Pricing-UPDATE

I will be at Brixx tonight to accept money for your orders.  I will no be riding, but will be there at 6:30 and will stay to about 8:00.

On Saturday, I will be at Bluegrass Bar and Grille following the Vol State Classic ride.  I hope to be there by 12:30, but no later then 1:00.

Prices below:

Men's Tour, Women's Sleeveless, Women's Tour are $57

Men's Sport Jersey is $60

The Equipe jerseys are $59

Vests are $85

Men's and Women's Shorts are $89

Bibbs are $120

You can text me at 615-714-3947 for the price of your order or wait till you pick it up.

See you on the road.

Mike  Knake

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Legislative Update

      I’m sure you’ve been waiting breathlessly so I wrote a summary of this year’s session of the General Assembly. It’s not very elegant but hopefully it’s informative.        
      Next year Haslam may ask for an increase in the gas tax. That could be the most important turning point in dealing with transportation in Tennessee in a generation. The issue of dedicated funding for mass transit will be part of the discussion. I’m afraid that the idea of restricting it’s use for biking facilities will also reappear. The current distribution of gas tax revenues to local cities and counties screws the urban areas. Changing that formula should be part of the input from our city government. When and if the increase is implemented (I don’t have much faith in Haslam) we should demand that Nashville use it for transit, biking and walking. No new $ for cars.

Carey Rogers, Walk/Bike Nashville
Opinions stated here, of course, are my own.

Road rage during yesterday's ride

I have been thinking we need to find some avenues to help the driving public become more informed of our rights, or at least more tolerant of cyclist on "their" road. I found it ironic that yesterday, after the hit & run accident in Nashville, our group received the most angry response from a driver I have ever witnessed. In fact there were two road rage encounters during our Wednesday night ride.

I am willing to invest some time in this if some of you know of ways to let our voices be heard. I realize most motorists don't have the perspective that we do and even law enforcement officers typically have a motorists view of accidents as well. This will only change if some of us put forth more effort. With the current attention being given by the news media it may be a good time to keep cycling safety more on the minds of driving public as there will certainly be more bikes on the road during the summer season.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bonita Parkway

      Hendersonville has just marked Bonita Parkway as a Bike Lane.  Prior to the painting of the Bike symbols, we asked them to change out the dangerous storm drain grates that have already caused one serious accident to a bicyclist. We were particularly concerned about the dangerous grate at the corner of Bonita and Gallatin Rd that we always pass when riding north on Bonita. Last week they changed out all the grates.  We appreciate the consideration that Fred Rogers (Planning Director) and Chip Moore (Public Works Director) continue to give for the safety of bicyclists in Hendersonville.
     The next road on the City's calendar is Wessington.  They plan to add a Bike Lane and repair the dangerous storm drain grates on that road.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Chattanooga Trip, June 3rd and 4th

The FOGBEE block of rooms has SOLD OUT.  However, you can still get a rooms at about $20 more per might with AARP or AAA discount. However, it seems the rooms at the READ House are going faster than anticipated. so if you want to go, don't wait making a reservation.

The deadline for making your reservation at the discount rate is approaching fast.  You need to make your reservations by May 4th to get the discount rate.  You also need to let them know you are with the FOGBEES to get the discount.

The hotel is The Reid House.  See the March 2nd post for details on how to make your reservation and details about the trip and routes.

Everyone please text me 615-714-3947 if you have already made your reservation or once you have made your reservation so I can confirm with the hotel that they have included you in our group.

See you on the road in Chattanooga,

Mike and Sherry Knake

I know you LOVE your trusty/crusty old shorts....BUTT....

Ok guys.....this is a post that's been begging to be posted for quite some time I think. For the past couple of months I've noticed not only the beautiful hills of our surrounding counties while on rides but unfortunately the rolling hills AND unfortunately hair follicles of several riders back side in front of me.'s all I can do to keep up with some of the mountain Billy goats going up hills as it is...I don't need another HILL to gaze upon!!!!! Come on MAN...... Ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Just a funny reminder to CHECK YOUR SHORTS guys! It's time to retire some of them.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Here's a link that explains it all:
Just "SAY NO" to crack......BUTT CRACK that is....

Chattanooga Weekend Trip, June 3rd and 4th

Last years weekend trip to Chattanooga was such a blast, we have decided to repeat it.

We have a block of rooms reserved at the Read House where we stayed at last year.  You can either call them direct and book your room or go to the attached link and book your room.  IF YOU CALL, let them know that you are with the FOGBEES so that your room is counted towards the block of rooms.


The Read House
827 Broad St
Chattanooga, TN 37042

We plan on doing the same routes as last year.  Hopefully the weather will hold and we can get in the long route.  Here is 2015 website for the Chattanooga Outing

Looking forward to more fun on the patio.

Your hosts,

Mike and Sherry

Big Payback Happy Hour


Do you love biking and walking? We do! Join us tomorrow, 5/3/16, for the Big Payback to start a chain reaction to make Nashville more walkable and bikeable! 
Help us win a prize for most unique donors from 5-7pm by donating directly or joining us for Happy Hour at the Picnic Tap!

Big Payback Happy Hour
  • Where: The Picnic Tap in the Nashville Farmer's Market
  • When: May 3, 5-7pm
  • What: Games, giant jenga, adult-strider race, and Bike Month T-Shirts (designed by Project 615).